New HAZET universal inside spring vice set can be used on almost all passenger cars

Save time when replacing springs

For the removal and installation of coil springs on the rear axle as well as the installation and removal of springs with small coil spacing, the Remscheid-based tool manufacturer of quality tools, HAZET, now presents a new, 6-piece universal inside spring vice set.

The set with the article number 4904/6 was examined and tested during the development phase by the responsible engineers on a high number on vehicles. The result of the test was that the spring vice can be used on almost all passenger cars. To name a small fraction of the more than 100 vehicles tested, the spring vice can be used on various Audi models from model year 2007 onwards (e.g. A4 B8 and B9), VW Golf 6, 7 and 8, Passat (B8) as well as various FORD, BMW, SEAT and TOYOTA models. The set is designed for just one user. At the same time, working with the set also eliminates time consuming work associated with most spring removal. The removal of axle parts is unnecessary and axle alignment is no longer required. So removal and installation takes just a few minutes on each side. Spring replacement can therefore be carried out on many vehicles with remarkable time savings.

The innovative anti-rotation device integrated in the base component, which interacts with the lower tensioning jaw, reduces the outer diameter to only 32 mm (1,26 inch) thanks to its compact design. The pendulum hexagon head ensures equal force distribution, which also forms an integrated anti-rotation protection for upper tensioning jaws. Due to a hexagon at the top, one-sided counterholding of the spindle, e.g. with a HAZET 600 N-13 combination wrench, is possible without any problems.

In addition to the aforementioned new, compact and protected base components, an extension of the span to 120 mm (4,72 inch) has also been achieved. In order to be prepared for increasing vehicle weights (keyword: electric and hybrid vehicles), the maximum load has been increased to 31,000 N for safe working. The GS mark guarantees high quality (quadruple tested safety against breakage). The 17 degree angular movement of the tensioning jaws now also ensures removal of C-shaped (bent) springs, which are present on an Audi A4 (B9) or VW Golf 7, for example. The internal and external guidance of the tensioning jaws prevents the spring from sliding out and therefore increases safety during work.

The complete set consists of the inside spring vice 4904-1, which is particularly short at 202 mm (7,95 inch), the tubular box wrench 4902-224 with wrench size 24 mm (0,944 inch) as well as the smaller tensioning jaws 4904-10 and 4904-11 (span width 64 – 115 mm) (2,52 – 4,53 inch) and the larger tensioning jaws 4904-12 and 4904-13 (span width 79.5 – 133 mm) (3,13 – 5,24 inch). The set is supplied including durable, replaceable plastic protective pads in a practical plastic case with soft foam insert and operating instructions. All parts of the tool set were developed and produced by HAZET following high "Made in Germany" quality standards.

The set can be applied universally and is tested on vehicles from the following manufacturers: Audi · Bmw · Citroën · Fiat · Ford · Hyundai · Kia · Mazda · Mercedes-Benz · Mini · Opel/Vauxhall · Peugeot · Renault · Seat · Škoda · Toyota · Volkswagen

Practical addition: support device 4912-6 for vehicles with multi-link axles

Matching the aforementioned set, the all-purpose support device 4912-6 with a clamping range of 80 – 127 mm (3,15 – 5 inch) complements the work on almost all vehicles. It is particularly helpful with multi-link axles. With a pressure piece diameter of 30 mm (1,18 inch), it prevents the undesirable lifting of the chassis during a spring tensioning process and therefore facilitates the removal of the rear axle springs. Protective pads prevent damage to the vehicle parts. Increased safety: The 750 mm (29,53 inch) long visual chain provides a reminder for tool removal. The support device can be used together with the HAZET inside spring vice set 4904/6 and can be stored in the practical plastic case in the empty compartment provided for this purpose.

Further information is available in the latest HAZET Special Worldwide 2021 promotional brochure, online at www.hazet.de, on the HAZET YouTube channel or from authorised specialist dealers.

About HAZET:

The Remscheid-based company HAZET is a leading manufacturer of quality hand tools, tool trolleys and equipment for professional applications. HAZET has 150 years of experience in developing and producing standard and specialty tools for industry, trade, automotive engineering and aeronautics. The company boasts a huge manufacturing range of over 5,500 different tools; from pullers and pliers, specialty tools for most major car manufacturers and torque tools through to tool trolleys under the “Assistent” brand. An exceptionally high proportion of Hazet products, about 75% of the entire product portfolio, are “Made in Germany”.
HAZET employs approximately 600 staff in four plants (three in Remscheid and one in Heinsberg).

In recognition of its constant innovation, good marketing concepts and impressive inventive talent, numerous products from the company have received the "iF Design Award" and "RedDot-Design Award" among others, while HAZET has been singled out as best brand and top employer as an enterprise.
You can read more about our successes over the last decade in an overview at: https://www.hazet.de/de/awards/auszeichnungen


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