New door hinge screwdriver bit from HAZET


On VW and Group vehicles, driver and passenger doors can now be installed, removed and adjusted even more effortlessly: The Remscheid-based manufacturer of quality tools and workshop equipment, HAZET is now launching all VW ∙ AUDI ∙ SEAT and ŠKODA door hinge screwdriver bits in one set.

Depending on the vehicle model, torque-controlled screw tightening is possible with the 5-piece door hinge insert tool screwdriver bit set 2597-2/5 (Pease follow the instructions of the manufacturer). Removing or loosening is performed together with tool holder HAZET 6396. During installation, supported by the torque wrenches HAZET 6290-1CT or 5290-3CT, assembly is an easy task. The door hinge screwdriver bit set, developed and produced to high quality standards by HAZET in Germany, is suitable for working on the following models:

  • 2597-01: VW ∙ ŠKODA Fabia 2 model year 2007→2014 ∙ Roomster model year 2006→2015 ∙ AUDI A5 model year 2007→2016
  • 2597-02: VW Golf 4 model year 1997→2006 ∙ Golf 7 model year 2012→2021 ∙ Passat B5 model year 1996→2000 ∙ SEAT León model year 1999→2006
  • 2597-03: VW Golf 5 model year 2003→2008 ∙ Golf 6 model year 2008→2012 ∙ Passat B6 model year 2005→2010 ∙ Caddy model year 2004→2010 ∙ Beetle model year 2011→2019 ∙ Sharan 2 model year 2010→ ∙ Tiguan model year 2011→ ∙ Touran model year 2010→ ∙ ŠKODA Superb model year 2008→
  • 2597-04: VW Polo 6 model year 2017→ ∙ T-Cross model year 2018→ ∙ ŠKODA Fabia 3 model year 2014→ ∙ PORSCHE Panamera

The quality tool set specifically contains:

  • 2597 door hinge insert tool holder for bits; drive: square 9 x 12 mm (0,35 – 0,47 inch) ∙ output: screwdriver bit socket 8 mm (5/16") ∙ length 95 mm (3,74 inch) incl. 2597-01 TORX screwdriver bit T45
  • 2597-02: screwdriver bit drive: 8 mm (5/16") ∙ output XZN M10 ∙ length 21 mm
  • 2597-03: screwdriver bit drive: 8 mm (5/16") ∙ output XZN M8 ∙ length 21 mm (0,83 inch)
  • 2597-04: screwdriver bit drive: 8 mm (5/16") ∙ output XZN M12 ∙ length 22 mm (0,87 inch)
  • 2100-02: offset screwdriver 2 mm (0,08 inch) for operating the inside hexagon when changing the screwdriver bits

The new HAZET door hinge screwdriver bit 2597-04 from this set is of course also available individually.

Further information is available in the latest HAZET Special Worldwide promotional brochure 2021, online at www.hazet.de or from authorised specialist dealers.

About HAZET:

The Remscheid-based company HAZET is a leading manufacturer of quality hand tools, tool trolleys and equipment for professional applications. HAZET has 150 years of experience in developing and producing standard and specialty tools for industry, trade, automotive engineering and aeronautics. The company boasts a huge manufacturing range of over 5,500 different tools as specialty tools for most major car manufacturers, torque tools and tool trolleys under the “Assistent” brand. An exceptionally high proportion of Hazet products, about 75% of the entire product portfolio, are “Made in Germany”.

HAZET employs approximately 600 staff in four plants (three in Remscheid and one in Heinsberg).

In recognition of its constant innovation, good marketing concepts and impressive inventive talent, numerous products from the company have received the "iF Design Award" and "RedDot-Design Award" among others, while HAZET has been singled out as best brand and top employer as an enterprise.
An overview of the successes of the last decade can be found at: https://www.hazet.de/de/awards/auszeichnungen


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