New roofing hammer from HAZET

Home Improvement, HAZET style

The Remscheid-based tool specialist HAZET has expanded its range of tools, especially for the carpentry, joinery and roofing trades, to include a roofing hammer: thanks to its special design, it can be used to hammer in nails and pull them out of the wood without the need for a second tool. The roofing hammer with HAZET item number 2138-600 has a 600 g head and is genuinely "Made in Germany". Equipped with a magnetic nail holder in the form of a recess, work can be carried out easily with your arm outstretched or overhead without losing the nail. The roughened striking surface also stops the hammer from slipping when hammering in nails. The handle is made of non-slip plastic that also improves grip. This makes the roofing hammer a practical tool for daily use by trade professionals.

Further information is available in the latest HAZET brochure special worldwide 2022/23, online at www.hazet.de or from authorised specialist dealers.

About HAZET:

The Remscheid-based company HAZET is a leading manufacturer of quality hand tools, tool trolleys and equipment for professional applications. HAZET has 150 years of experience in developing and producing standard and specialty tools for industry, trade, automotive engineering and aeronautics as well as for use in the field of renewable energies. The company boasts a huge manufacturing range of over 5,500 different tools as specialty tools for most major car manufacturers, torque tools and tool trolleys under the “Assistent” brand. An exceptionally high proportion of Hazet products, about 75% of the entire product portfolio, are “Made in Germany”.

HAZET employs approximately 600 staff in four plants (three in Remscheid and one in Heinsberg).

In recognition of its constant innovation, good marketing concepts and impressive inventive talent, numerous products from the company have received the "iF Design Award" and "RedDot-Design Award" among others, while HAZET has been singled out as best brand and top employer as an enterprise.
You can read more about our successes over the last decade in an overview at: https://www.hazet.de/de/awards/auszeichnungen


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