HAZET thermal camera 1992-2

Good vision? Warmly recommended.

When it comes to perceiving the immediate surroundings, the human eye sometimes reaches its limits. It is not only the brightness that plays a role, because even with the best illumination our eyes cannot see temperatures. It is true that flickering air or evaporating liquid can indicate a higher temperature, as can glowing metal or a flame – but in the professional field this is not enough: here the human eye needs technical assistance.

The Remscheid-based quality tool specialist HAZET has added the 1992-2 thermal camera in compact "handheld" format to its range for this purpose. It impresses as much with its compliance with industry-specific precision standards as with its ease of use and the precise thermal display on the 3.5" LCD touch screen.

The thermal camera typically helps in building thermography to detect sources of energy loss in a building and thus serves to plan efficient savings measures.

The HAZET thermal camera also provides valuable services in electrical thermography by contributing to (preventive) maintenance. It is ideal for checking insulation and for early detection of overloaded cables or distributions. In vehicles, the high-resolution thermal image reveals sources of defects in the engine compartment, the brake system or the cooling and heating system. The 1992-2 model provides accurate and reproducible results with great accuracy over a temperature range of -20°C to 400°C, indicating temperature differences of less than 0.04°C. Images can be recorded as photos or videos both thermally in IR mode and visually in camera mode (8 MP) and saved on the memory card included in delivery. Best of all, by combining the two cameras, you get precise analysis of temperature distributions and surface details.

With its good thermal (IR) detector resolution of 256 x 192 pixels and a screen resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, the HAZET thermal camera offers sharp and high-contrast images in thermal analysis at an outstanding price-performance ratio. Thanks to the digital zoom that can be adjusted up to 4x, the visual camera with 3,264 x 2,448 pixels (8MP) and a battery life of up to 4 hours, the camera is the ideal tool on construction sites, in industrial plants and workshops.

Product details HAZET thermal camera, HAZET No.: 1992-2

Ideal application in building diagnostics ∙ electrical installation ∙ sanitary ∙ air-conditioning and heating technology and inspection of engine compartment ∙ brake system ∙ cooling and heating system

  • Automatic hot, cold and central point measurement
  • Image sensor: Vanadium oxide uncooled focal plane arrays (FPA)
  • Image modes: Thermal, Optical, Fusion, PIP (picture in picture)
  • Storage medium: EMMC 16 GB (included in delivery) ∙ up to 60,000 images or 10 hours of video material
  • Display resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Screen size: 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen
  • Refresh rate: 25 Hz
  • Visual camera: 3264 × 2448 pixels (8MP)
  • Digital zoom: 1x to 4x
  • Thermal (or IR) resolution 256 x 192 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference, NETD):< 40 mK (0.04° C)
  • Measuring accuracy maximum (±2° C ∙ ±2%): Ambient temperatures 15° C – 35° C / Object temperatures above 0° C
  • Field of view: 50° x 37.2°
  • Temperature range: -20°C – 400°C (-4 °F bis 752 °F)
  • Battery life: up to 4 hours
  • Additional features: LED light, microphone, buzzer
  • Hand strap
  • Dimensions: 138.5 x 85.2 x 23.6 mm
  • Protection rating: IP54
  • Image format: Radiometric jpg
  • Video format: Standard MP4 video (not radiometric)
  • Level and span: Automatically and manually adjustable (to achieve a good thermal effect and better temperature difference analysis)
  • Temperature alarm: Audible / visual alarm when the temperature threshold is exceeded

About HAZET:

The Remscheid-based company HAZET is a leading manufacturer of premium quality hand tools, tool trolleys and equipment for professional applications. As an owner-managed German family business, HAZET has 155 years of experience spanning 5 generations in developing and producing standard and speciality tools for industry, trade, automotive engineering and aeronautics as well as for use in the field of renewable energies. The company boasts a huge manufacturing range of over 5,500 different tools as specialty tools for most major car manufacturers as well as torque tools and tool trolleys under the “Assistent” brand. An exceptionally high proportion of HAZET products, about 75% of the entire product portfolio, are “Made in Germany”.

HAZET employs approximately 600 staff in four plants (three in Remscheid and one in Heinsberg).

In recognition of its constant innovation, good marketing concepts and impressive inventive talent, numerous products from the company have received the "iF Design Award" and "RedDot-Design Award" among others, while HAZET has been singled out as best brand and top employer as an enterprise.
You can read more about our successes over the last decade in an overview at: https://www.hazet.de/de/awards/auszeichnungen


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