Competition participation conditions

Competition participation conditions on Instagram, Facebook and other online competitions

§ 1 General information

Participation in the competition on the Instagram page: "hazet_1868_official" and/or the Facebook page "HAZET - Das Werkzeug" / @hazetwerk (hereinafter referred to as "the event organiser"), is only possible under these conditions of participation. The competition is not supported by Instagram or Facebook and has no connection to Instagram or Facebook.

§ 2 Prerequisites for participation

The Instagram user expressly acknowledges these general participation conditions with their participation in the competition. All naturally and legally competent persons with a minimum age of 18 years can participate. Employees of the event organiser and their relatives are excluded from participation. Participation is only possible via the personal Instagram/Facebook registration (the individual's own Instagram/Facebook account). If the event organiser becomes aware of technical manipulation or any other breach of these conditions, they will exclude the participant from the competition. Technical manipulation includes, among other things, multiple registration of a person, participation via a lottery service or similar automated collective participation services. In such cases, the prize may also be subsequently revoked and a replacement winner drawn. With their participation, the participant declares that in the event of a win, they agree to their name and/or picture being published on the Internet. Participation is only possible within the time period specified in the competition description. Legal recourse is excluded.

§ 3 Profit

The prize will be awarded as advertised in the competition. Exchange or cash disbursement of the prize is excluded. We will inform the winner as described in the competition. If the winner does not respond to the notification that they have won the competition within the time period specified by us, the prize is forfeited without substitution.

§ 4 Liability

Irrespective of the legal justification, claims against the event organiser for damages that are in connection with the competition are -within legal permissibility- excluded unless the event organiser has violated legal obligations in a deliberate or grossly negligent manner. Furthermore, the event organiser is not liable for damages arising from impairment of the availability of the competition website in the event of unavoidable technical disruptions and incidents of force majeure, or attacks carried out by third parties against the competition website. However, the event organiser will undertake everything in their power to ensure the reliability and functionality of the competition website. Furthermore, the event organiser makes no guarantee that the competition website is capable of functioning properly on the respective participant's computer.

§ 5 Data Protection

In the scope of this competition, the event organiser shall maintain the highest data protection standards and observe the relevant statutory provisions, in particular the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If participants communicate with the event organiser via social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) in the context of this competition (e.g. by commenting or sending messages), the legal basis for the processing of personal data obtained in this way is the event organiser's legitimate interest in communicating with participants (Art. 6 para. f GDPR) and, where applicable, the fulfilment of contractual or pre-contractual obligations (Art. 6 para. b GDPR). Incidentally, the social networks only provide the event organiser with aggregated data that does not permit any conclusions to be drawn regarding individuals.

The event organiser will process the personal data of the respective participant exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the competition. After the end of the competition, the data will be deleted. The event organiser will not forward personal data to third parties.

Comprehensive data protection information from the event organiser can be found in the Privacy Policy

For the processing of personal data associated with using social media, the event organiser refers to the data protection information there

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§ 6 Premature termination of the competition

The event organiser reserves the right to amend, cancel or terminate the competition without notice in respect of any of the competition components due to unforeseen circumstances. The latter applies in particular if software and/or hardware errors occur and/or other technical and/or legal reasons influence the regular and proper implementation of the competition or make it impossible.

§ 7 Severability clause

If individual provisions of these participation conditions are ineffective or if a legal loophole exists, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. A provision that comes closest to the contractual purpose and the legal requirements will replace the ineffective or missing provisions.

§ 8 Place of jurisdiction / applicable law

German law exclusively applies in the event of disputes. Where legally permissible, the headquarters of the event organiser will be agreed as the place of jurisdiction. Insofar as the participant has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany, or moves abroad after participation, the headquarters of the event organiser will also be agreed as the place of jurisdiction. Legal recourse is excluded.

§ 9 Selection

The winner will be determined by drawing lots. Legal recourse is of course also excluded here.

§ 10 Contact

In the event of questions relating to the implementation of this competition and the processing and use of personal data, please contact:

HAZET-WERK – Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co. KG