Dual training courses


Would you prefer to juggle theory and practice together and use what you've learnt in the lecture theatre directly and practically within a company? Then dual study at HAZET is right for you! You can build up a wide theoretical foundation at university and extend your knowledge with practical experience at our company. Then you are almost there and you will be able to find an excellent starting position for your further career path. For dual training you can choose between:

  • Bachelor of Science – Industrial engineering
  • Bachelor of Science – Mechanical engineering

To be successful, we need very talented people. Staff that are as unique as they are versatile. You! Apply to join us! We look forward to meeting you!

Bachelor of Science – Industrial Engineer

In the Industrial Engineering Bachelor's degree course, you will acquire skills that will allow you to develop practical solutions that meet both technical and economic requirements. The focus of the course is on the planning and organisation of work and business processes with regard to their optimal technical and economic execution.

During term time you will acquire business and engineering skills, and will be in a position to combine these two perspectives in a logical way. You will also learn to develop and design components, assemblies and production systems, and to always keep an eye on production and manufacturing costs in the process. Depending on your chosen area of specialization, you will gain specific knowledge in the field of production planning, or in marketing and sales strategies for the technical field.


The minimum educational prerequisite is the advanced technical college entrance qualification. Applicants should also have an interdisciplinary, logical and systematic way of thinking and enjoy contact with customers, among other strengths.

Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineer

Whether it be individual components or complex systems, assembly lines or wind turbines ‒ only mechanical engineering makes many companies what they are. Engineers in this specialist field are in high demand in many places, and on a global scale. Possible applications include development and construction, sales and service as well as research. As a mechanical engineer, not only do you assemble individual components, but you must also have plenty of mathematical knowledge. The job of a mechanical engineer does not only involve “construction” itself. You will predominantly learn much about technical mechanics, production engineering, thermodynamics and other technologies. Particularly in the case of the dual mechanical engineering course, you have the advantage of not just sitting in class learning theory, but of making direct practical use of it at work. In dual mechanical engineering course with integrated practice, you have the opportunity to expand your skills with numerous practical applications.


The minimum educational prerequisite is the advanced technical college entrance qualification. Technical understanding and manual skills are highly beneficial for this training. You should have a good understanding of mathematics, physics and chemistry.

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