Company Profile

The company HAZET was established in 1868 by Hermann Zerver.

The brand "HAZET" has its roots in the initials of the founder,
the H of Hermann, the Z of Zerver.

HAZET is in family possession for five generations already.

The plant I in Remscheid is one of the most advanced in Europe.
From the forging plant to the CNC-directed production, up-todate technology matched with unrivalled experience, accompanies every step of the production.

The Plant II Heinsberg, a factory built according to the most modern specifications, is situated in the triangle of Germany-Belgium-Netherlands.

With regard to the European market, the modern and spacious logistic centre, the electroplating station as well as high-precision machines for the fabrication of round parts (e.g. sockets) are located there.

In the beginning of 2001, the HAZET plant III at Remscheid was equipped with one of the most modern computer-controlled powder coating facilities in Germany.
Furthermore, investments in a welding robot as well as in a fully-automatic laser cutting facility guarantee the continuous top quality in sheet metal working. The product range comprises varied sheet metal working processes as well as the fabrication of the famous tool trolleys "Assistent“.

Development and Construction

With the help of modern CAD-computers and "high-end-software" highly qualified engineers develop and design tools as well as production resources. The data obtained is used in several respects, e.g. for the designing of samples on short term or for the communication with our customers and suppliers via data line.

The practical use of tools is simulated in virtual environments, or NC-data for machine tools is generated which facilitates the repeated fabrication of forging dies with an accuracy of 100%. This guarantees consistently high quality.

Construction of Tools and Forging Dies

Use of the most modern technology in the HAZET tool and forging die construction. The milling data is directly transmitted via a CAD/CAM interface to a high speed milling machine (HSC) whose spindle mills the forging contours into the hard metal of the new die with highest precision and at a speed of 42,000 r.p.m.

The Forge

The exactly fabricated dies are used in hydraulic short-stroke quick forging hammers. With a "simple" piece of steel, experienced forgers start the fabrication of the HAZET quality tools.


From the simple drilling machine up to automatically controlled CNC turning and milling centres, HAZET’s complex machinery allows each kind of metal-removing procedure.


The finishing step for each tool is the treatment in an environmentally-acceptable galvanic chromium-nickel coating installation which lends the HAZET quality tools a noble look and also protects them lastingly from corrosion.

Sheet Metal Working

With the help of a modern laser cutter HAZET copes with the permanently changing variety of products. Fully automatic welding robots are used for the fabrication of big lot sizes.

Powder Coating

In a powder coating centre conceived according to the last state of technology, even small lot sizes of workpieces can be coated efficiently with all possible RAL-colours. Even if the retooling periods are very short, the coating process is nearly waste-free. This saves our environment.


Integrated systems for the distribution of the products combined with the most modern technology in the field of logistics, e.g. computer supported belt conveyors and packaging places, guarantee the rapid dispatch of the HAZET quality products to our customers.

HAZET-WERK - Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co. KG

Postal address
P.O. Box 10 04 61
D-42804 Remscheid

Visitor’s address:
Güldenwerther Bahnhofstraße 25 - 29
D-42857 Remscheid

Telephone +49 (0) 21 91 / 7 92-0
Telefax +49 (0) 21 91 / 7 92-375

Wuppertal · Commercial Register HRA 17574
General Partner: Zerver Verwaltungsges. mbH
Wuppertal Commercial Register HRB 11054
Managing Partners: Matthias. J. Hoffmann, Guido Schmidt
Value added tax identification number DE 120803534