Integrated Management System

HAZET Mission Statement

With the experience of a family-owned company in its fifth generation, we work passionately to develop and manufacture high-quality hand tools.

1. Customer care

From the onset, we have focused on establishing and maintaining global partnerships based on trust. This includes understanding customer needs and problems. Personal dedication to our business friends is accompanied by the high standard of our products and services. We are convinced that honest and upright conduct in business dealings is the decisive factor behind long-term success.

2. Cooperation & Leadership

Respect, personal appreciation, tolerance and trust form the basis of our cooperation.
In addition, our motivation, individual responsibility and commitment lay the foundation that underpins our corporate success.

3. Performance

It is our declared objective to sustain, solidify and strengthen our leading position among tool manufacturers. To rise above any form of mediocrity. To become better and faster than the competition. The price-performance ratio of our products and their market acceptance are carefully considered. Our world-famous quality brand – HAZET – and its products as well as our services are a performance promise to our customers.
As well as high product quality with outstanding user benefits, this performance promise also includes a high process quality in all departments and business processes.
It is only possible to continuously enhance the performance of our organization by consistently improving our processes, products and services.

4. Profit

Our financial strength and revenue of today form the basis of our actions tomorrow.
We achieve this success through continuity coupled with a readiness for action.
HAZET works with the target outcome in mind – to the benefit of customers and users alike.

5. Safety

Our processes, facilities and products are realized in a manner that ensures the health and safety of our staff are not adversely affected or put at risk, that our products do not pose any hazard to humans and the environment and that a careful approach to resources plus proactive environmental protection informs all our actions.

6. Sustainability

We are committed to Germany as a production location and we are continuously striving to expand our factories here.
HAZET is aware that our activities include protection of both the environment as well as the health and safety of people.
We are convinced that sustainable, economic success can only be ensured if regulations and standards are followed. We stand for respectable, honest and compliant conduct in everyday business.

Zertifikat TÜV Nord DIN EN ISO 9001
Zertifikat TÜV Nord DIN EN ISO 50001