Maintenance and care of pneumatic tools and frequently asked questions
Pneumatic tools have to be lubricated throughout their whole serviceable life. The motor and the ball bearings require compressed air to operate the tool. Since the moisture in the compressed air corrodes the motor, the motor must be lubricated every day. We recommend using an integrated lubricator to do this, e.g. with HAZET 9070-1 Lubricator for assembling on the pneumatic tool.

Disconnect the compressed air supply prior to connecting, disconnecting or lubricating the tool.

Lubricating the pneumatic motor is also possible:
To do this, disconnect the tool from the compressed air supply and hold it with the air connection nipple facing upwards. Put one to two drops of special pneumatic tool oil in the air connection nipple. Connect the tool to the compressed air supply, cover the air outlet of the tool with a cloth and operate for approx. 3 seconds. Note: Excess oil in the motor will be immediately expelled through the air outlet.

Hammer striking mechanism
The lubricant on a hammer striking mechanism must be reapplied every six months if it is used on a daily basis. Note: Dosage with HAZET mini grease gun 2162 M/60 g cartridge 9300-60. Please see images 1-3 for positioning.


Image 1. Lubricating the square


Image 2. Lubricating the hammers


Image 3. Assembly of the striking mechanism

Pin clutch mechanism
The oil on a pin clutch mechanism must be reapplied every six months if it is used on a daily basis. Only use special pneumatic tool oil for pneumatic tools, e.g. HAZET 9400-100 (100 ml) / 9400-1000 (1000 ml) and oil squirt

Please see images 4-6 for quantity indications and positioning.


Image 4: 9011MG = 7 ml oil


Image 5: 9012SPC = 15 ml oil


Image 6: 9013SPC = 20 ml oil