Wheel hub grinder set for passenger cars ∙ 12-piece

Number of tools: 12
  • 4960N-45/12
  • 4000896186860

Product information

Quick and easy removal of rust and dirt from contact surfaces of wheel hubs and brake discs with wheel bolt support

  • Grinding pad made of aluminium with 8-point profile enables safe and firm fixation of the grinding wheels
  • Attachment e.g. to pneumatic, cordless and corded drilling machines
  • Hexagon insert for firm hold on the device
  • 8-point profile enables safe and firm fixation of the grinding wheel to the base component
  • For wheel hubs with stud bolts (diameter of grinding zone 40 or 50 mm; stud bolt maximum 55 mm length), e.g. FORDPORSCHEVolvo, Japanese passenger cars
  • Wear-resistant: around 50 vehicles per wheel

12-piece set ∙ contents:
1 base component made of aluminium
6 grinding wheels, diameter 50 mm
5 grinding wheels, diameter 40 mm

  • Open-pored abrasive material and cup-formed grinding disc reduce the formation of dust to a minimum
  • No formation of sparks
  • Made in Germany
  • Net weight: 0.27 kg
  • Number of tools: 12

Technical data

  • Number of tools: 12


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