Tablet holder

  • 179N-45
  • 4000896224210

Product information

  • Tray holder
  • For i 167-3 (S) ∙ 177 ∙ 178 N ∙ 179 N ∙ 179 N X ∙ 179 N XL ∙ 179 N XXL tool trolleys and i 177 W work benches
  • Unique, secure tensioning mechanism works for all standard tablet/PC models between 120 and 222 mm
  • Universally suitable for Apple iPad ∙ mini ∙ Air ∙ Pro, Amazon Kindle ∙ Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, Asus Transformer, Microsoft Surface
    Use of tablets with protective cover or case is also possible
  • Clamp draw spring enables quick insertion and removal in no time
  • General clamping jaws with integrated foam rubber pad guarantee secure hold without damaging the device
  • Adjustable bracket with felt pad and rubber cap ensure additional security when the tablet holder is positioned vertically
  • The tablet/PC is thereby prevented from falling out
  • Individually adjustable clamping jaws ensure the operating controls on the device are in no way functionally impaired
  • Quick switch between profile and landscape formats, undesired turning is not possible
  • Mounting on round pipes (maximum 30 mm) and worktops possible
    The bracket is fixed using a clamping screw
  • Made in Germany
*) Observe application note

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