Output size
Number of flat drawers
Number of high drawers
Loading capacity (dynamic)
Loading capacity (static)
Height of worktop
Head thickness (a1)
Head thickness (a2)
Drawer width
Drawer height (flat)
Drawer height (high)
Drawer depth
Drawers total
Drawer size for order system
Loading capacity per drawer
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<h3>Tool trolley <font face="HZSymboleLogosA1">i</font> 178 N</h3>
Tool trolley i 178 N
Product group: 178 N
<h3>Tool trolley <font face="HZSymboleLogosA1">i</font> 179 N XXL</h3>
Tool trolley i 179 N XXL
Product group: 179 NXXL
<h3>Tool box</h3>
Tool box
Product group: 190
<h3>Bit set</h3>
Bit set
HAZET-No..: 863MBIT/33
<h3>Tool trolley <font face="HZSymboleLogosA1">i</font> 179 N XL</h3>
Tool trolley i 179 N XL
Product group: 179 NXL-Satz
<h3>Tool trolley <font face="HZSymboleLogosA1">i</font> 179 N X</h3>
Tool trolley i 179 N X
Product group: 179 NX
<h3>Tool assortment</h3>
Tool assortment
Product group: 0-179-Satz
<h3>Tool assortment</h3>
Tool assortment
HAZET-No..: 0-179NW/230
<h3>Tool assortment</h3>
Tool assortment
HAZET-No..: 0-179NX/65ALU