Circlip pliers set

Number of tools: 15
  • 1847-12/15
  • 4000896221288

Product information

Correct, centred insertion of the circlip, e.g. when mounting the joint on the drive shaft

  • Easy, damage-free assembly of the drive shaft joint: damage to the serration of joint and shaft is avoided with internal circlip during assembly of the drive shaft joint
  • Easy fixing of the locking pliers with the circlip
  • The pliers automatically slip down when striking the joint
  • Safe work without damage to the bellows
  • For drive shafts from all manufacturers
  • One-hand operation of the pliers
  • No other tools needed

Application tip:

  • Insert appropriate half shells (shaft diameter) in pliers
  • Place pliers on serration with pre-assembled circlip and clamp
  • Pre-positioning of the hinge due to conical shape of the pliers makes it easier to introduce the serration without damage
  • Suitable for almost all vehicles commonly registered in Europe
  • Plastic box 165-L (1/3)
  • Safety-Insert-System, 2-component soft foam insert. Insert also suitable for HAZET Assistent
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions / length: 355 mm x 235 mm x 65 mm
  • Number of tools: 15

Technical data

  • Width: 235 mm
  • Height: 65 mm
  • Number of tools: 15
  • Dimensions / length: 355 mm x 235 mm x 65 mm


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