Snipe nose pliers

  • 1841B-280
  • 4000896051694

Product information

Working in areas with restricted access

  • Extra long style
  • Flat round shape
  • Curved design (45°)
  • Handles with dip coating
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions / length: 280 mm
  • Net weight: 0.25 kg

Technical data

  • Plier tip: Flat round shape
  • Jaw shape: Curved design (45°)
  • Handle: Handles with dip coating
  • Dimensions / length: 280 mm


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Article no. Version Design (product type) Jaw shape Plier tip Handle
1841B-33 1841B-33 Snipe nose pliers 1841B-33 Snipe nose pliers Curved design (45°) Flat round shape, induction-hardened cutting edges Ergonomically shaped HAZET 2-component plastic handle covers (blue/black)
1841B-280 1841B-280 Snipe nose pliers 1841B-280 Snipe nose pliers Curved design (45°) Flat round shape Handles with dip coating

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