Universal pliers

For right-handers
  • 760-2
  • 4000896188451

Product information

  • With quick-adjust lever: “Fits all your needs – …it all depends on the right lever”
  • Comfortable quick adjustment thanks to tip/step lever function
  • Adjustment without re-gripping – one-hand actuation possible
  • A maximum clamping range of up to 50 mm width across flats makes these HAZET pliers some of the largest in their class
  • The integral clamping protection prevents injuries (e.g. crushing)
  • Handles with dip coating
  • DIN ISO 8976
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions / length: 260 mm
  • Net weight: 0.37 kg
  • Clamping range: 50 mm
  • Quickest possible adjustment with closed pliers' shanks directly on the work piece while gripping – Comparison: Jaw operation of many standard pliers on the market, without quick adjustment, only with both pliers' shanks wide open
  • Quick-adjust lever makes re-gripping unnecessary
  • Intuitively easy, ergonomic and comfortable operation thus guarantees finding the correct opening width
  • Safe operation and function possible, especially in confined spaces and work situations
  • Maximum size up to hexagon wrench size 50 mm, which is usual in the installation area etc. as well as round pipes to max. 50 mm ∅
    Operation of the British Standard Whitworth thread 1-1/8" = SW 47.2 mm possible without any problem
  • Extremely hard jaw teeth thanks to additional inductive hardening (long tool life) and teeth offset against the direction of rotation (more power)
  • Exact ratching due to laser cut variable gearing
  • Many closely graded settings (engagement positions) offer ideal grip openings for every jaw opening width
  • Coated tooth bolt (manufactured via high-tech powder-metallurgical M.I.M. process (Metal Injection Moulding))
  • High quality metal adjusting lever with sturdy surface for high strength
  • The zinc-phosphatised surface of the pliers ensures high corrosion protection (CrVI-free = satisfies the highest health and environmental requirements)
  • Ergonomic wide, soft rounded hand guard for good distribution of pressure over the handle

Technical data

  • Clamping range round max.: 50 mm
  • Clamping range: 50 mm
  • Handle: Handles with dip coating
  • Standard: DIN ISO 8976
  • Dimensions / length: 260 mm


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