Clamping disc 4903-2 and universal tensioning jaw ∙ adjustable 4903-3 ∙ 2 pieces

Number of tools: 2
  • 4903/2
  • 4000896180530

Product information

  • Increased safety – thanks to load-free installation
  • By using the clamping disc and the universal tensioning jaw, the basic support 4903-1 or the set 4903/2A becomes a completely stationary universal spring vice
  • 2-piece set, contents:
  • 4903-2 universal clamping disc ∙ adjustable
  • 4903-3 universal tensioning jaw ∙ adjustable, safety adapter included
  • Can be used for almost any spring strut / shock absorber strut
  • Load-free disassembly / assembly with completely relieved shock absorber

Innovative socket and installation concept

  • Swivels in horizontal or vertical working position,
    HAZET recommends ergonomic working height: adjust vertically, operate horizontally
  • Damage to shock absorbers and head plates impossible
    (no overload risk)
  • Simple, lockable strut mount

High safety

  • Consistently reliable mounting of head plates
  • Thread damage to piston rod impossible
  • Permanent fixation of spring throughout operation

Secured investment – by using existing components of SYSTEM 4900

  • Existing basic units 4900-2A and all tensioning jaws of System 4900 may be used
  • Use of future applications is assured

Allows record keeping by scaling

  • If recurring, significant time savings by scaling
  • Firm fixation eliminates readjustment at the same spring strut (left/right)

4 steps to success:
1. Fix spring strut on clamping disc via gripper and brakes
2. Grip spring with universal tensioning jaw
3. Operate tensioning device with reversible ratchet, cordless screwdriver or pneumatic air ratchet
4. Disassemble shock absorber without load and install new one
(afterwards in reverse order)

  • Made in Germany
  • Net weight: 43.7 kg
  • Number of tools: 2

Technical data

  • Number of tools: 2


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