Type of protection (IP)
Tightening torque max
Screw size M
Revolutions per minute
Recommended torque
Range of light
Operating time 50
Operating time 100
Number of tools
Number of high drawers
Number of flat drawers
Number of batteries
Manual / impact operation
Luminous flux 50
Loosening torque max
Length l1
Installation length
Hose diameter (recommended)
Drawers total
Diameter d2 (drive side)
Charging time h
Application fields
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<h3>Filling funnel / adapter</h3>
Filling funnel / adapter
Product group: 198-10
<h3>Circlip pliers</h3>
Circlip pliers
Product group: 1847
<h3>Brake servicing tool</h3>
Brake servicing tool
Product group: 4968
<h3>Tool trolley <font face="HZSymboleLogosA1">i</font> 179 N XL</h3>
Tool trolley i 179 N XL
Product group: 179 NXL-Satz
<h3>Cooling pump and adapter</h3>
Cooling pump and adapter
Product group: 4800
<h3>Accessories for orbital sander</h3>
Accessories for orbital sander
Product group: 9033-5-Z
<h3>Impact wrench 9014 ∙ <font face="HZAntriebssymbole">5</font></h3>
Impact wrench 9014 ∙ 5
Product group: 9014 P
<h3>Disc sander accessories</h3>
Disc sander accessories
Product group: 9033 M-11-Z
<h3>Mini polisher accessories</h3>
Mini polisher accessories
Product group: 9033 M-9-Z