Commercial vehicle vacuum radiator filler

  • 4802-1
  • 4000896200030

Product information

Vacuum leakage test before refilling the cooling system

  • Suitable in conjunction with single or universal adapters, e.g. 4801-2/3
  • Filling of the coolant and heating circuit without bubbles in trucks ∙ buses ∙ agricultural machinery and construction vehicles
  • New design of the vacuum radiator filler allows the desired vacuum to be reached faster, which allows the cooling system to be filled more quickly
  • Fast coolant flow rate: 80 litres in approx. 20 minutes
  • Filling possible with standard stoppers as well as with fixed cap
  • No loss of coolant due to overflow of the cooling system
  • Separate control through the diagnostic testing device is no longer necessary
  • Hose: 10 x 16 mm
  • Outside diameter: 16 mm
  • Inside diameter: 10 mm
  • Made in Germany

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