Revolutions per minute
Output size
Number of tools
Manual / impact operation
Installation length
Handle diameter [mm]
Diameter of grinding pad
Diameter d2 (drive side)
Diameter d1 (output side)
Diameter (d) mm
Clamping range (mm)
Clamping jaws width
Clamping depth12
Clamping depth 2 (mm)
Blade width
Blade diameter [mm]
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<h3>Sabre saw</h3>
Sabre saw
HAZET-No..: 9034P-2
<h3>Metal shear / air nibbler</h3>
Metal shear / air nibbler
Product group: 9036
<h3>Removal tool</h3>
Removal tool
HAZET-No..: 4655-1
<h3>Blind rivet gun</h3>
Blind rivet gun
Product group: 9037
<h3>Grip pliers</h3>
Grip pliers
Product group: 753
<h3>Tool assortment</h3>
Tool assortment
HAZET-No..: 0-1900/77
<h3>Centre punch</h3>
Centre punch
HAZET-No..: 747-1
<h3>Grip pliers</h3>
Grip pliers
HAZET-No..: 752-2
<h3>Grip pliers</h3>
Grip pliers
Product group: 755