Sheet metal profile snips

  • 1961R-3
  • 4000896176540

Product information

  • Compact design facilitates working in confined spaces and cutting the smallest of contours
  • Right hand cutting
  • For figure cutting and straight cuts
  • For sheet thickness up to 1.2 mm (600 N/mm2)
  • Edge length 20 mm
  • Compact design and a perfect leverage ratio ensure optimised working with reduced working effort
  • The new geometric form of the head is perfectly suitable for cutting small radii and working in areas with restricted access
  • Shear head drop-forged
  • Ergonomically shaped handle for effortless working
  • Ergonomically shaped HAZET 2-component plastic handle covers (blue/black)
  • Dimensions / length: 180 mm
  • Net weight: 0.19 kg

Technical data

  • Handle : Ergonomically shaped HAZET 2-component plastic handle covers (blue/black)
  • Length : 180 mm
  • Net weight : 0.188 kg
  • Total length : 180 mm


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