Openings across flats
Number of tools
Clamping range min-max
Clamping range (mm)
Application fields
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<h3>Cooling pump and adapter</h3>
Cooling pump and adapter
Product group: 4800
<h3>Reaction fluid</h3>
Reaction fluid
HAZET-No..: 4800-041
Product group: 426
<h3>Hose clip pliers</h3>
Hose clip pliers
Product group: 798
<h3>Flexible hose clamp</h3>
Flexible hose clamp
Product group: 4590
<h3>Radiator tool</h3>
Radiator tool
Product group: 4801
<h3>Radiator tool</h3>
Radiator tool
HAZET-No..: 4802-1
<h3>Pipe stopper</h3>
Pipe stopper
HAZET-No..: 4591/4
<h3>Optical tester</h3>
Optical tester
HAZET-No..: 4810C