Number of tools
Number of batteries
Length l2
Length l1
Application fields
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Video borescope Video borescope
Product group: 4812
Cooling pump and adapter Cooling pump and adapter
Product group: 4800
Reaction fluid Reaction fluid
HAZET-No..: 4800-041
Inspection mirror Inspection mirror
Product group: 1977
Inspection mirror (spare part) Inspection mirror (spare part)
Product group: 1977-E-Teil
Straightedge Straightedge
HAZET-No..: 2145-500
Feeler gauge Feeler gauge
HAZET-No..: 2147
Feeler gauge Feeler gauge
HAZET-No..: 2147MS
Borescope Borescope
HAZET-No..: 2151
Electric tester Electric tester
Product group: 2152 N
Electric tester Electric tester
HAZET-No..: 2152-5
Car light tester Car light tester
HAZET-No..: 2153