Optical tester

  • 4810C
  • 4000896186402

Product information

For testing the anti-freeze concentration in the cooling water,
also suitable for cooling fluids G11, G12++, G12 EVO, G13, G40, G48 and G64
For testing the quality of AdBlue solution
For testing the battery acid concentration (state of battery charge)

  • (Refractometer) – Also suitable for G12++, G13, G48, G64, AdBlue
  • Optical tester (refractometer) with integrated lighting (LED) in the lid
  • Incl. pipette and operating instructions

Description of scales:
A – state of charge
B – AdBlue concentration
C – anti-freeze concentration
D – screenwash anti-freeze concentration
5 – Light/ dark line for reading the scale

  • Made in Germany
  • Net weight: 0.08 kg

Technical data

  • Battery name : 3 V, CR1616 (16x1.6 mm)
  • Net weight : 0.084 kg
  • Number of batteries : 1


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