Universal engine support

  • 220-1
  • 4000896191758

Product information

Supporting the engine during maintenance work on thrust bearings, timing belts, water pumps or tensioner rollers

  • For transverse engines
  • Suitable for nearly all vehicle types
  • After loosening the engine mount, the engine support safely holds the vehicle engine in the engine compartment (time savings and higher safety at work)
  • Installation of the engine support underneath the motor vehicle allows optimal access during repair work (engine is supported from below), ensuring optimal working conditions in the engine compartment from above. Optimal work in the engine compartment (from above)
  • The most important advantage compared to work with engine lifting beam or engine crane (both are mounted above the engine and may obstruct repair works) is that the engine compartment is freely accessible
  • Note for using engine lifting beams:
    • The fenders of newer vehicles often slope or are made of plastic material. This means that, unlike with the HAZET universal engine support, classic engine lifting beams are often unsuitable and not mountable without damage
  • Rubber covered feet with ball bearings allow flexible adjustment of the engine support
  • Variable length: 620 – 900 mm
  • Including 2 assembly holders
  • Fully galvanised for optimal surface protection
  • Manual operation through T-handles or wing screws
  • Maximum loading capacity: 250 kg
  • Made in Germany
  • Net weight: 8.9 kg

Technical data

  • Net weight : 8.9 kg


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