Torque testing software

  • 7901E-D
  • 4000896148202

Product information

Creating, memorizing and printing professional torque test certificates

  • For the electronic torque testers 7901 E, 7902 E and 7903 E
  • Database (updates will be available) of all current HAZET torque wrenches (whose test values are in the range of 1 –1000 Nm) and insert tools included
  • Optional expansion of the database to include data of other manufacturers, further release torque wrenches (click-type), insert tool holders, measuring ranges, test values, units, tolerances and standards
  • Software for creating user-own certificate layouts and optional integration of company logos
  • Language tool included. German and English is already available. By means of the language tool, the user creates the operating surface, tables and designation of boxes in any required language
  • Internet update function
  • Detailed documentation included

System prerequisite
Operating system: Windows 7® / Windows 8® / Windows 10® (64 Bit)
Memory requirement: minimum 50 MB free hard disk memory
Working memory: min. 256 MB
Ports: 1. USB port for software
2. Ports for test devices
COM port (connecting cable included in delivery of the electronic torque test device)
Graphics resolution: minimum 1024 x 768
If the hardware does not have a COM port, the test device can also be connected with an adapter USB to the COM port (RS 232) (not included in delivery)

  • Made in Germany
  • Net weight: 0.1 kg

Technical data

  • Net weight : 0.1 kg


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