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9 x 12 mm insert square ∙ hollow ∙ 3/8 inch (10 mm) square ∙ solid Electronic torque wrench with built-in angle gauge ∙ 10 – 100 Nm ∙ 7.5 – 75 lbf.ft ∙ ±1%


Product information

  • Application:
    For high-precision screw connections with torque/rotation angles calling for high accuracy or mandatory documentation, e.g. engine components especially cylinder head bolts, machine construction with increased requirements (including robot technology etc.)
  • Smart technology – Ready for Industry 4.0
  • Includes insert reversible ratchet 6402-1 i 38″ (10 mm)
  • Length with/without insert tool: 428 mm / 383 mm
  • HAZET Smart technology consisting of the SmartTAC app and Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy interface (product group 7000-2 sTAC may be subject to national approval restrictions). Smooth live data exchange for displaying the screwing progress on mobile end devices, such as smartphones (smart watches) and tablet PCs. USB-C interface for programming torque wrenches with built-in angle gauge and documenting the screwing data via laptop and PC with the software SmartTAC tool 7910-sTAC.
    All sTAC torque wrenches with built-in angle gauges can also be used autonomously, without SmartTAC app
  • Unique, ergonomic, user-oriented HAZET design of entire tool for professional application
  • The reduction in size and integration of the PCB into the main pipe, results in dimensions that allow for the small torque wrench with built-in angle gauge from 1 Nm
  • Protection rating IP 40
    Splash-proof display and membrane keyboard
  • USB-C port to directly charge battery when still in tool
  • Including commercial replaceable Li-ion rechargeable battery, type 14650 / 3.7 V, can be charged directly on the tool via USB-C plug
  • Including 1 metre USB 3.1 / A-C cable

Functions: 7000 sTAC

  • Large, high-contrast illuminated, easily readable OLED display, dimmable and 180° rotatable
  • Indication of the measuring values in 13 mm font size, including a rating of the screw-joint (OK / not OK)
  • Display deviation in right and left torque: from ±1% / ±1 digit
  • Display deviation in right and left rotation angle: ±1% / ±1°
  • Rotation angle range adding: 0 to 999°
  • Torque accuracy for OK display (green): adjustable ±1 to 10%
  • Rotation angle accuracy for OK display (green): adjustable 1 to 90°
  • Adjustable torque units: Nm, lbf ft, lbf in or kgf m
  • Effective length is adjustable / programmable for other insert tools from 0 to 250 m
    (prerequisite for correct torque / rotation angle measurements)
  • Fourfold signalling of the screwing process by audible alarm (buzzer), vibration signal, synchronous numerical display, and a 360° LED display with "traffic light function" that is visible from all around
  • Threshold value, pre-warning level: adjustable 50 to 99%
  • Adjustable signaling, On/Off audible signal (buzzer) and vibration
  • Reset function, restore to factory setting
  • Stand-by time: adjustable 1 to 10 minutes
  • Indication of battery condition and memory
  • Memory capacity, including date and time: up to 3000 measurements
  • Offers possibility to program flow charts and sets of parameters: 25 and 25
  • 2 control functions: programmable torque control for angle tightening and angle control for torque tightening
  • Menu block function against unauthorised adjustment, four-digit code is personally selected
  • Display of the software version with serial numbers, calibration date and service display / usage counter
  • Menu languages: German, English, French, Italian, Chinese
  • Programming and evaluation software for laptop and PC 7910-sTAC (at additional cost)
  • SmartTAC app for Android and Apple iOS end devices for series 7000-2 sTAC (free download)
  • The HAZET SmartTAC torque wrenches with built-in angle gauge of the 7000-2 sTAC series with Bluetooth interface have valid radio approval in all EU countries as well as in Switzerland, Norway, China, India, South Korea, Mexico and Turkey and may be sold there.
    Further countries on request
  • For countries without radio approval, we offer the 7000-5 sTAC series SmartTAC torque wrench with built-in angle gauge without a Bluetooth interface. These can be connected to a laptop and PC via a USB port and to the optional programming and evaluation software. It is not possible to use the SmartTAC app for mobile end devices due to the lack of a Bluetooth interface
  • With Bluetooth function
  • Made in Germany
SYSTEM 7000 sTAC electronic torque wrench with built-in angle gauge ∙ with insert square and reversible ratchet ∙ accuracy ± 1 % / ± 1 digit



Technical Data

Ausführung ∙ Besonderheit
  • Mit Bluetooth
  • 9 x 12 mm insert square, hollow
  • 3/8 inch (10 mm) square, solid
Manual/impact operation
Tolerance 1 %
Tightening torque min Nm 10 Nm
Tightening torque max Nm 100 Nm
Number of teeth 30 teeth
  • Tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017
  • VDI / VDE 2648, Sheet 2
Inside micrometre of the adjusting tool l2 30 mm
Opening angle 12 °
Length 383 mm
Tightening torque min lbf.ft 7.5 lbf.ft
Tightening torque max lbf.ft 75 lbf.ft
Actuating force min.-max. kg 2.9 – 28.7
Bluetooth interface Ja
Battery name
  • 3.7 V Lithium ion rechargeable battery, type 14650, replaceable
Number of batteries 1

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