Engine oil filling adapter

  • 198-7
  • 4000896187256

Product information

  • Oil filling adapter for engine oil filling funnel engine 198-9
  • For vehicles of the VW-Group MQB platform AUDI A3 (8V), VW Golf 7, SEAT León (5F), ŠKODA Octavia 3
  • Easy installation on the engine of the vehicle
  • Ensures the necessary slow, controlled filling of engine oil for some engines – saves time: other work can be done while the oil is draining
  • Replaceable aluminium adapters for many common vehicle models
  • Flexible use due to plug system
  • With optional angle connection piece 198-12, also suitable for hard to reach oil filling openings

Technical data

  • Filling capacity : 5 l
  • Net weight : 0.41 kg


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