Pressure sprayer ∙ foam

  • 199-3
  • 4000896207237

Product information

Creating tight and permanent foam

  • Three nozzles (in scope of delivery) for generating wet and dry foams as well as for implementing different reaction times
  • Cleaning/disinfecting of surfaces, workpieces, vehicles, sanitary facilities
  • Better visual control of the sprayed area
  • For neutral cleaners as well as diluted acid and alkaline cleaners
  • For
    • Cleaning and disinfecting work on upholstery and rugs
    • Disinfection of bathrooms and sanitary facilities
    • Kitchens and food industry
    • Cleaning vehicles, work surfaces etc.
  • Transparent, durable tank with level indicator
  • Integrated safety valve (2.5 bar) enables the container to depressurize before opening
  • With Viton® gaskets
  • Net volume: 0.75 l
  • Gross volume: 1.5 l
  • For use of chemicals with surface-active properties (surfactants)
  • Increasing the duration of contact between chemical and surface to be cleaned guarantees increased effectiveness of the chemical product
  • Seals and materials resistant to most acids and solvents as well as to chemicals that are used most frequently in industry, automotive technology and professional cleaning
  • Wide filling neck
  • Protection cover for chamber valve
  • Including 3 different nozzles (black = normal, green = dry, orange = wet) for adjusting the foam quality
  • Special flat nozzle suitable for foam
  • Special flat spray nozzle for wide fan beam
  • Including 10 spare filter
  • Flexible, break-proof pumping lever

Application fields:

  • Cleaning textiles, upholstery and carpets while at the same time avoiding excessive moistening to reduce the drying time and prevent fungi and bacteria from developing
  • Max. working pressure [bar]: 3 bar
  • Net weight: 0.47 kg
  • Filling capacity: 0.75 l

Technical data

  • Filling capacity: 0.75 l


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