The HAZET quality full warranty

HAZET offers a full warranty on all pneumatic tools showing material defects or faulty workmanship. This is valid independently of the statutory warranty periods.

Parts / components which are naturally prone to wear are excluded from this. Damage to tools, which has been caused by incorrect or improper use, overloading, poor maintenance and care and/or the non-observance of the operating instructions. Defects that arise from using non-original spare parts. The correction of recognised defects is carried out with a free repair or replacement of the defective machine with a working product – or replacement with an updated model if necessary.


The HAZET all-round carefree package HAZET offers a comprehensive service for our pneumatic tools.

This includes:

  • Short repair times
  • Repairs are carried out with original spare parts only
  • Spare parts supply for all pneumatic tools
  • The explosion drawings and operating instructions are available for this.
  • Preparation of cost quotes / new purchase offers also by email directly to the end consumer upon request
  • Goods are sent directly to the end consumer upon request.
  • 4 months warranty for all repairs
  • Offer of customer training for our specialist dealer