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Different industries, different requirements

From mobility and industry to the construction sector and trade – the diversity of sectors is reflected in the wide-ranging requirements for tools. We attach great importance to customised solutions that combine precision, efficiency and durability – while creating enthusiastic benefits for our users. By continuously investing in research and development, we create innovative tools that meet the changing requirements of the industry.

Industries in the mobility sector

In this particular sector, which is subject to much more constant change and technological progress than many others, we are proud to offer innovative solutions. Whether it's electric vehicles, two-wheelers, aviation or shipping, we keep pace with the latest developments and offer tools and customised solutions that meet the high demands of every industry.


Whether you need to assemble vehicle components, maintain engines or repair bodywork – you can always rely on our tools.

Commercial vehicles

From lorry assembly to the maintenance of construction vehicles and the repair of agricultural machinery – our tools can withstand heavy loads and provide you with reliable support at all times, even under demanding working conditions.


The aviation industry is known for its strict safety and quality standards. We are aware of our responsibility and manufacture tools and workshop equipment that meet the highest standards to ensure the safety of aircraft and their maintenance and repair at all times.


Whether it is the construction of ships, the repair of ship components or the maintenance of offshore facilities – the maritime industry also demands premium quality tools that are robust and capable of withstanding the harsh conditions and corrosion resistance requirements.

Two-wheel vehicles

The two-wheeler sector has its own special requirements. From the assembly of motorcycles to the repair of bicycles – our tools are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of screw-joint applications and problems.

Trade and industry

Every industry has specific requirements and these also apply to the various tool applications. That is why we have made it our mission to develop customised solutions that meet the high standards of the relevant industry. We combine efficiency, precision and durability at the highest quality level. Whether in industry, in the sanitary sector, in the electrical sector or in construction and finishing. You can rely on our experience and expertise. And those of our industry professionals.


High demands on the production of industrial goods require high demands on the tool. We not only fulfil these requirements, but often exceed the DIN/ISO requirements, for example, and this applies to both our standard and specialty tools.

Electrical engineering

To work safely and effectively on electrical systems, you need the right tools and, above all, tools with protective insulation. We have an extensive programme here. It goes without saying that safety is always our top priority.


Whether pipes, fittings, drainage systems or water supply systems in buildings – we offer durable and corrosion-resistant tools for the sanitary industry.

Construction and finishing

Always one step ahead: High quality, durable and versatile tools. Precise cuts, efficient fastening – we ensure smooth construction processes. Professionals in the roofing trade also rely on our HAZET quality tools.

Our industry professionals in the skilled trades

Who better to judge our tools than professional craftsmen? Nobody. This is precisely why our industry professionals support us in our practical tests. Our industry professionals rely on our HAZET quality tools every day, for every job. In their industry stories, they answer exciting questions about their day-to-day work and regularly present their favourite HAZET tools. There are also exciting tutorials on the most frequently used products from our industry professionals.

To our professionals