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Production – Made in Germany

HAZET is known for the highest quality and innovation and is therefore a flagship for the "Made in Germany" heritage. We are proud of the fact that 75% of our tools are manufactured here in Germany. This gives us seamless access to first-class resources, skilled labour and advanced infrastructure.

We meet the highest quality control standards in our state-of-the-art production facilities, which are equipped with the latest technologies and operated by qualified specialists. At HAZET, we combine long-standing tradition and first-class production to manufacture tools that reflect precision, reliability and craftsmanship, while remaining close to our customers and understanding their needs.

Our plants

Plant 1 – Remscheid

Plant 1 in Remscheid is one of the most advanced in Europe. Here, classic forging skills are combined with state-of-the-art CNC production and collaborative robots.

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Plant 2 – Heinsberg

Plant 2 in the border triangle combines state-of-the-art production technologies with a spacious logistics centre. All rotationally symmetrical parts – such as sockets – are produced fully automatically here.

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Plant 3 – Remscheid

At HAZET Plant 3 in Remscheid, state-of-the-art powder systems and innovative technologies are used for top performance in sheet metal working. The well-known "Assistant" tool trolleys are also produced here.

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Plant 4 – Remscheid-Vieringhausen

Torque technology has found its home at the HAZET plant 4 in Remscheid-Vieringhausen. Our high-precision torque wrenches are made, mounted and calibrated there.

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