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Frequently asked questions

Warranty, repair and maintenance

You can find all information about our full guarantee here.

You can find our warranty regulations here.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a replacement if the original condition has been altered, overloaded or used improperly.

Yes, all common spare and individual parts can be found in the HAZET Spare Parts Shop. Wear parts are listed directly with the article and can be ordered via the Spare Parts Shop.

Repairs are carried out on valuable products (e.g. impact wrenches), tool trolleys and torque wrenches.
We also offer a comprehensive inspection equipment monitoring service for the HAZET torque wrenches. You can find information on this in the Torque Service Centre.

Order and simply replace the appropriate replacement set in the HAZET Spare Parts Shop yourself.

Brand and marketing

HAZET was established in 1868 by Mr Hermann Zerver. The name is derived from the initial letters "HA" and "ZET". You can find out more about our history here.

You can find our colour values here.

You can find our colour values here. The paint can be ordered from HAZET in 0.5 kg cans.

In the HAZET media centre, we offer the logo and all product images in all common file and image formats for downloading. Access only for accredited people/companies.

You can find them in our specialist Dealer search.

HAZET distributes goods exclusively via specialist dealers.

Torque tools

All our mechanical torque wrenches are calibrated for clockwise tightening (right-hand thread).

However, you can use our torque wrenches with square drive (9x12 or 14x18 mm) to operate a left-hand thread. Simply turn the insert tool 180° and insert it into the tool holder.

Our recommendation for the test/calibration interval is based on the DIN EN ISO 6789:2017 standard for torque wrenches, which recommends recalibration after one year, after 5000 loads or after every overload. The inspection intervals must be shortened in case of increased quality and safety requirements or intensive use. The calibration interval is specified by the user, as he is responsible and knows the use of the test specimen.

The torque wrench is a measuring instrument that should not be misused. Other tools such as the HAZET 6396 or 6397 tool holders or an impact wrench are better suited for loosening.

HAZET only tests, adjusts, repairs and certifies torque wrenches that they manufacture.

Pneumatic tools

The performance of a pneumatic impact wrench is influenced by various parameters. A crucial factor is the air system to which the impact wrench is connected. As the air system differs from user to user, it is not possible to specify reliable torque values that apply to all air systems.

For professional workshop use, you need a large workshop compressor with a boiler volume of at least 200 litres

Smaller compressors are usually unable to supply the impact wrench with sufficient air on a permanent basis. You have to take frequent breaks during work so that the compressor can refill the air tank.

The working pressure is always measured directly at the device with flowing air.

The air connection nipples we supply usually have a sealant applied to the thread, and most air connection nipples also have conical threads. It is therefore usually not possible to screw in to the bottom of the thread. If the thread alone does not seal, you can help with a little Teflon tape, for example.

Air quality is described in ISO 8573-1. Accordingly, the air should be as dry as possible (no condensation), oiled (corrosion protection and lubrication) and free of foreign bodies. After the compressor, your system should therefore at least have a water separator, a fine filter and a lubricator.

Other articles

According to our internal business and CI instructions, we are obliged not to publish any image that does not at least show the HAZET lettering and preferably our HAZET number. For some products, it is not possible to apply visible and permanent labelling for technical reasons. For this reason, the delivery condition may differ visually from the catalogue / online images.
As a brand manufacturer, however, we are often confronted with counterfeit/plagiarised products. Counterfeit products do not meet our strict quality standards and can jeopardise your safety in the event of an overload breakage, for example. We are therefore grateful for any information. If you are unsure whether you have purchased an original HAZET tool or a counterfeit, you are welcome to contact us at any time. The best way to do this is to send a picture of the item and the retailer's link to

Yes. Please request from HAZET (standard RAL colours are also available in small quantities).

The video borescopes are designed for inspections of confined spaces and therefore focus within 10 to 60 mm (4812-11/5FS) or 10 to 100 mm (4812-23/5AF). Within this distance, the image should be razor sharp.

The sockets for manual operation are chrome-plated and have a different (heat) treatment than sockets for power screwdriver use.
The use of impact wrenches can cause damage to the sockets. The material cannot absorb the impacts so well. Above all, however, the surface can flake off. Chrome splinters can be very sharp and cause injuries.

Yes, HAZET pins are available in the HAZET Fan Shop and can be ordered online.

We have compiled the most common technical terms in a Glossary, which we are constantly expanding and improving. If one of these terms appears in our texts, we have linked it to the explanation of the term 

If something is still missing or unclear, please use our Contact Form for further suggestions

Other questions

You can find our new products in our Product Catalogue.

Yes, e.g. the special worldwide brochure offers. You can find the corresponding catalogues here.

HAZET also produces tools according to customer specifications. Please send an enquiry to the HAZET Sales Department at

No, there are no second hand goods in circulation.

Take a look at our Online Catalogue here. Alternatively, we can help you on the phone +49 (0) 21 91 / 7 92-333. If you have a specific application, one of our tool finders can also help you.

For technical advice, please call +49 (0) 21 91 / 792-333 or send an email to:

Please contact
We offer our data exports in the following languages: CZ ∙ DE ∙ EN ∙ ES ∙ FR ∙ IT ∙ NL ∙ PL ∙ PT ∙ RO
We provide the following data formats via our HAZET Cloud platform (fully automated at monthly intervals): BMEcat and Excel (each with and without xHTML control characters) in HAZET catalogue structure and as ETIM 8.0 BMEcat export
In addition, we are also happy to configure your data export to eCl@ss 8.0 ∙ ProfiCl@ss 5.1 ∙ ETIM 8.0

Since 1996 , HAZET has been managing its product information in a media-neutral database with which the contents of the online catalogue, the printed tool catalogue and B2B platforms are filled.

HAZET attaches great importance to supplier loyalty. We have been working with some of our partners for decades and we see no reason why this should change.

HAZET has its own trade fair stand construction team with which we can flexibly respond to the requirements of our customers.