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Welcome to the HAZET family

Respect, personal appreciation, tolerance and trust. We live these values together. Our success is always a team effort. That means cooperation and dialogue are vitally important to us. Ideas are always welcome. We want everyone to feel comfortable and identify with their tasks. Whether in Production, in the office, while working from home office or on the road. *

We see ourselves as one big HAZET family. Would you like to be part of our team?

Our benefits

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On site, at home or on the move

Our flexible working hours allow our employees to organise their working day according to their own needs. We also offer home office or mobile working where possible. In this way, we guarantee everyone a flexible work-life balance.

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The right balance

Our benefits also include a holiday entitlement of at least 30 days. What's more, there is the possibility of days off through flexitime, bridging days and the company shutdown between Christmas and New Year. This leaves time for the family.

Computer programmer working on new software program.

A healthy workplace

The health of our employees is important to us. The ergonomically designed workstations with height-adjustable desks and state-of-the-art IT systems ensure a pleasant working day every day. We pay particular attention to occupational safety and personal protective equipment in our production areas.

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Retirement and health care

We also attach great importance to the well-being and health of our employees beyond the workplace. For example, with our health days with preventative measures and counselling. In this way, we give everyone the opportunity to actively promote their health. Pension provision is also a top priority for us, as every employee covered by collective agreements is entitled to a metalworkers' pension.

Professional development

Individual career development is a high priority for us! We offer a wide range of opportunities to expand specialist knowledge and develop new skills. This includes subject-specific further training, foreign language courses or study grants. We focus on the needs of each individual so that everyone can continuously develop their individual skills.

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We keep you moving

Whether by job bike to work or by train directly to the company premises. We are mobilising and offering our employees a wide range of options to make their commute to work convenient and, above all, environmentally friendly.

Employee testimonials

Let's give the floor to those who know best. What's it like to work at HAZET? We asked our employees from very different areas:

HAZET has surpassed my expectations. I'd never have thought I could learn so many new things in one year and develop myself further – also personally. I gained insights into so many exciting areas in a short space of time: Sales, HR, e-commerce... I've only met helpful colleagues – and annoyed them with my questions. But nobody seemed to mind. Two more exciting years lie ahead of me. I'm looking forward to new topics and even more nice people.

Nedzad Jordan
Trainee Industrial Business Manager

Sometimes I'm in the warehouse on the shop floor, sometimes in the office. I've learnt everything from purchasing to dispatch in the last three years of my apprenticeship. I can't say what I like best. I guess I just love variety. I go to work in the morning with a smile on my face and it stays that way. My nice colleagues make sure of that. Simply a great atmosphere. That's why I'm happy to stay on after my training – the signs are good.

Trainee Specialist for Warehouse Logistics

HAZET has always been an integral part of my family. My father has been with the company for almost 50 years and my brother also works here. I started my training as an industrial clerk 12 years ago. And then studied business administration part-time. Today, I manage the NRW and Central Germany sales region and am responsible for sales-related IT and process projects. Just my thing – because I'm a process person, but I also like to interact with customers. Their needs take centre stage for us. Sometimes also very individual. There's no such word as "Can't" at HAZET. I like that."

Regional Sales Manager

How time flies. I've been with HAZET for 20 years and I actually wanted to do something with wood... But things often turn out differently than you think. Back then, I'd never have dreamed that I'd be a master craftsman at the age of 25. But I was in the right place at the right time. With people who supported me and believed in me. Today, I'm the one who nudges my young colleagues in the right direction. And also a family man who appreciates the flexibility. HAZET is totally family-friendly.


I like the short routes. I can approach anyone. Management's door is also open. There's a lot of support and flexibility. I was able to shorten my training, complete my Bachelor Professional part-time and have a lot of variety in my job. Every day is different. We've got a great team that sticks through thick and thin. Many have been with us for a long time. A good sign for me. I don't want to leave here any time soon either.

Clerk, Human Resources Department

A company that writes quality big. I thought that was important right from the start. At HAZET, I can produce tools that last a long time and are sustainable. That's why I decided to do the apprenticeship. I've now completed my apprenticeship and I'm attending evening school to complete my mechanical engineering technician qualification. HAZET made this possible for me. And adapted my working hours to suit. A personal touch. This is also how colleagues interact with each other. A real family business.

Tool Manufacturing

Joining HAZET

And? Fancy becoming part of our team? Whether it's an internship, apprenticeship, career entry or the next step on the career ladder. We have the right entry point. Apply and start your professional future with us. Also proactive!

Get a taste of what it's like – Internship with us

Whether company, basic, specialised or professional internships. We are happy to offer an insight into our working world. After all, what could be better than experiencing your future job in practice? To be able to decide whether he really is the right one.

Learn with us – Start your training

Are you looking for first-class training in an innovative and family-run company? Then come and visit us! We attach great importance to training young talent. Because well-trained young people secure our future!

Manager and supervisor taking inventory in warehouse

Or would you like to study?

Young people will shape our future! Our tool industry in particular needs clever minds like you. And that's exactly why we support you! The study programme teaches the theory. We have the practice. These are our dual study programmes.

Factory manager in inspection of manufacturing.

Already a pro?

Are you looking for a challenging and fulfilling career in a company that stands for innovation, quality and sustainability? We offer a wide range of career opportunities in various areas such as production, development, sales, marketing and many more. Start your professional future with us!

Application to HAZET

Apply at with a detailed application (cover letter, CV and references) stating your earliest possible starting date and your salary expectations. We look forward to receiving your application and will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

*Gender note: For reasons of better readability, the language forms male, female and other (m/f/o) are not used simultaneously. All personal designations apply equally to all sexes.