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HAZET Full Guarantee

The HAZET quality full guarantee

In our company, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction and quality. However, if there are any defects in our products, you can be sure that we will rectify them quickly and easily. The correction of recognised defects is carried out with a free repair or replacement with a working product – or replacement with an updated model if necessary.

All our products are closely scrutinised during their manufacture. They are subject to strict controls and are checked for material and manufacturing defects. However, should a material or manufacturing defect occur, we provide a full guarantee on all our products. This is valid independently of the statutory warranty periods.

We will repair a tool with such a fault free of charge, in the interests of sustainability. Or replace it if a repair is not possible. You can also read about this in our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment.

This is how it works:

  1. If you believe that there is a material or manufacturing defect, please send us the product via your specialist dealer.
  2. The product is checked by our experts.
  3. If your suspicions are confirmed, we will repair or replace the product free of charge.

Excluded from the HAZET full quality guarantee are products, that are no longer functional due to

What do we mean by "improper" use?

  • Exceeding the tool's normal or prescribed capacity, e.g. the use of a diagonal cutter on wire that is too hard
  • Chisels, centre punches or drift punches that have been used too hard or on a steel surface which is too hard.
  • The further use of a tool that already shows damage or defects.
  • The operation of screws and nuts with a wrong-sized nut-driver.
  • Tools that have been modified.
  • The use of nut-drivers designated for manual operation on impact wrenches.