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Trust in the original

We are a German family business that develops and manufactures high-quality tools. Our products are more than 75% made in Germany. We have been owner-managed in the market for 155 years, now in the fifth generation. And known worldwide. Since the beginning in 1868, we have stood for reliability, quality and innovation. Our products impress with their precision, durability and sustainability.


Our products are used in industry, in professional car and commercial vehicle workshops as well as in motorsport. And not least in aviation maintenance, in the maritime and two-wheeler sectors and in renewable energies. In other words, wherever reliability under maximum load is a must.


High-quality materials and excellent workmanship to the highest technical and safety standards, often far beyond the prescribed norms. That's our understanding of quality! That's Premium!


If used correctly, our tools will last a lifetime and often even longer. Cherished and cared for, they are often passed on from generation to generation. Thanks to our good spare parts supply, we guarantee a high level of repair capability for wearing parts, e.g. internal ratchet parts. This is sustainable and ensures a long service life.


In addition to their own longevity, our tools also enable the repair of other products that would otherwise often be disposed of. This protects the environment and conserves scarce resources, making our tools doubly sustainable.

Development expertise

We develop and design ourselves. Always in the buzz. Close to practice and innovative. Every year, we expand our portfolio with attractive new products, problem solvers and innovations that are frequently greeted with enthusiasm among our users.

Manufacturing excellence

Our products are made in Germany with an in-house production share of more than 75%. We have modern, advanced production facilities in four plants in Germany with the latest technologies integrated into the production processes.

From the classic forge to ultra-modern CNC-controlled production units and so-called CoBots, i.e. collaborative robots.

Making ideas a reality

Inspired by the constantly changing requirements of our customers, current trends and feedback from the market, we develop attractive new products, problem solvers and innovations every year, which are frequently greeted with enthusiasm among users. Our designers, engineers and product designers use their expertise to optimise each tool in terms of user-friendliness, functionality, materials and manufacturing techniques. It goes without saying that we comply with all the necessary industry standards and norms and often exceed them by setting our own quality standards for our products.
The first prototypes are produced on the basis of the technically designed CAD drawings. State-of-the-art technologies such as rapid prototyping 3D printing are used here. Only when the prototype and the initial samples have passed our user tests and have been iterated several times do they go into series production. Our production facilities utilise state-of-the-art machinery and technologies as well as high-quality materials.

To the entire product route

A tradition of excellence

HAZET has stood for the highest quality and innovation since its beginnings in 1868. Over the past 155 years, we have continuously expanded and consistently improved our portfolio. Starting with bayonet locks and the so-called "Lightning" pipe pliers and wrenches, our product range now includes over 6000 products, a wide range of wrenches and nut-drivers, high-precision torque wrenches, Hightech fine-tooth reversible ratchets through to tool trolley series and individual automotive specialty tools. HAZET has established itself over the years as an internationally recognised quality brand. Our "HAZET" brand was established at the beginning of the 20th century. In close collaboration with leading German car manufacturers, we continue to develop special tools for the automotive industry to this day. As a partner of Porsche Motorsport for over 25 years, we often receive exciting technical ideas that are used to develop great innovations and problem solvers. But sectors such as industry, aviation, crafts and trades and the two-wheeler sector also rely on our expertise.

To History

(Doubly) sustainable out of conviction

As a leading tool manufacturer, we not only set standards in terms of precision and quality, but are also resolutely committed to environmental management and sustainability. This not only includes social responsibility towards our employees and society – we are also committed to environmentally friendly production processes and the responsible use of resources. Our aim is to create a sustainable future not only for the present, but also for future generations. What we find really good: We consider our tools to be doubly sustainable: if used correctly and well cared for, they often last a lifetime and are often passed on from generation to generation and also enable other products to be repaired – so they are doubly sustainable!

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Award-winning and patented!

HAZET excels with awards. And that several times over. For our products, our brand and our company. Quality, reliability, innovation – Whether product awards for outstanding engineering, accolades from our customers for superior performance as a top supplier in terms of reliability, at trade shows, in service or as the best brand in many reader polls. These awards are proof that we live our values.

To our awards

We are dedicated and cooperative!

If not in motorsport, then where? This is where the toughest conditions and highest loads prevail. Reliability is an absolute must. Where else can we better optimise our products for perfect application and highly professional use? And gain inspiration for innovation? That is why we have been working with the best in the industry for many decades.

Porsche Motorsport

Our co-operation with Porsche Motorsport is based on a shared passion for perfection and top performance. As an official supplier and technical partner, we provide the tools and tool trolleys for the renowned racing team that are customised for tough racing conditions.


Together with the traditional race track in the Eifel, we can look back on a long history. As a brand, we are not only a household name among the teams here, but are also omnipresent among motorsport fans thanks to the design of our gates in the paddock and pit lane as well as on many perimeter boards.

Manthey Racing

We have also been a reliable partner of Manthey-Racing and the associated Raeder Motorsport brand for many years. We support the team both on the race track and in the workshop with our quality tools.