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Get a taste of what it's like – Internship with us

Whether company, basic, specialised or professional internships. We are happy to offer an insight into our working world. After all, what could be better than experiencing your future job in practice? To be able to decide whether he really is the right one.

We offer internships in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Would you like a first insight into the world of technology and innovation? In an exciting working environment ranging from hot forging to cool marketing? We offer school students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of work at HAZET for a fortnight. Here we provide valuable insights into our various professional fields. Exciting experiences included.

During the internship, we show you first-hand what everyday life is like in our company. Colleagues talk about what fascinates them about their work. Our trainers are always on hand to help. Does that sound exciting? It sure is!

Practical experience during your studies is essential. We know that. And that is precisely why we offer you the opportunity to complete various basic and specialised internships with us. Over a period of six to twelve weeks, you will put your theoretical knowledge into practice and learn new skills.

Are you currently reorienting yourself? Do something new for a change? We offer work placements of up to six months for retrainees who have opted for a commercial or technical apprenticeship.

We want to give you the opportunity to apply your existing experience and expertise in a new professional field.

Are you interested? Apply at with a detailed application (cover letter, CV and certificates) stating the desired internship, department and duration.

HAZET emphasises diversity. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of gender, nationality, religion, handicap, etc.

We are looking forward to meeting you!