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HAZET tools impress professional craftsmen. In our industry stories, they share insights into their day-to-day work and show their favourite tools.

Tips and tricks from the pros

Not only mechanics and screwdrivers are convinced of the premium quality of HAZET tools, but of course also real professional craftsmen. Our industry professionals rely on our products every day, for every application. In their industry stories, they respond to fascinating questions about their everyday work and present their favourite tools. There are also exciting tutorials on the most frequently used products by the industry professionals.

Installation mechanic for HVAC Dominik Zogakis

Dominik, based in Wuppertal, has made it his business to follow in his father's footsteps and employs a crew of 8 people, 2 of whom are apprentices. His activities in plumbing, heating and air-conditioning technology (HVAC) cover a broad spectrum. So he has to be ready for all disciplines in this job. This calls for experience, support and of course the right tools.

Discover the HVAC professional's industry story

Master roofer Nils Scharf

Nils Scharf, 39 years old, has been working as a roof, wall and waterproofing technician since 2007 and has been a self-employed master roofer in Wuppertal since 2014. His team now includes 8 employees! You can also do an apprenticeship with Nils. From renovation work to facade or window construction – he does it all!

Discover the master roofer's industry story

Master electrician Alexander Laub

Alexander, 42 years old, discovered his "spark" for working with (high) energy when he was just 16. He then started his training at the master school in 2010 and started his own electrical company in 2013. His activities are wide-ranging: from electrical installation services to control cabinet construction to photovoltaic systems to electromobility, he does it all.

Discover the electrician's industry story