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Torque Service Centre

Service begins with a capital S

We not only attach great importance to the quality of our products. But also to our service. We're your direct contact when it comes to all aspects of maintenance, adjustment, calibration and complaints handling for our torque products. 
Essentially, our Service Team offers you

    •    Repair, adjustment, calibration and certification of HAZET torque wrenches
    •    Scheduled service tasks for HAZET torque wrenches
    •    Short response times
    •    Test equipment monitoring service for torque wrenches
    •    Contact for service matters

Our Calibration Service

Torque wrenches are high-precision tools. The accuracy of the wrenches and the correctness of the set values are essential. To ensure that this remains the case, torque tools should be checked and calibrated after 5,000 uses, known as load cycles, or at the latest after 12 months of use. This is recommended by the DIN EN ISO 6789 standard.

Our calibration laboratory is accredited by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (German National Accreditation Body, Berlin, DAkkS for short). We can calibrate not only the torque range, but also the rotation angle range. This covers the complete functional range of our indicating (sTAC) and triggering torque wrenches. You will receive a calibration certificate for each calibrated wrench. 
To send us your torque wrenches for calibration, we offer two options. 

1.    Direct dispatch with our Order Form as a consignment note. Here's how:

  • Fill out the complete order form and then print it out.
  • Enclose the printed form with the goods.
  • Carefully pack the goods to avoid damage during transport.
  • Send parcel with sufficient postage to the HAZET-WERK in Remscheid.

Güldenwerther Bahnhofstraße 17
42857 Remscheid
2.    Sending in the torque wrench with the appropriate service package
In addition to the calibration service itself, the product scope of these packages also includes shipping, cardboard packaging and minor repairs.

Accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for measured values:

•    Torque (DIN EN ISO 6789)
•    Rotation angle (VDI/VDE 2648 page 2; without item 4.2)

Our service packages – convenient, fast and secure

When you purchase one of our service packages, you get extra convenience with your torque wrench. Our service packages make this process much easier for you: your torque wrench is collected, calibrated, repaired and newly certified. Please note that only internal ratchet parts and small parts are repaired. The torque wrench will then be returned to you. You will receive your tool back practically as good as new within five working days plus shipping.

Order a suitable service package for torque wrenches here.

The service package contains a TAN. Remove this.

Register your consignment at: Enter TAN, address and desired pick-up date as well as article number of the torque tool.

Place the torque wrench and return label in the dispatch packaging. The parcel service will pick up the shipment for free on the agreed date.

After recalibration, adjustment or repair of the internal ratchet parts, your torque wrench will be returned to our service centre within 5 working days at the latest. 


If a repair is required, you can send your torque wrench to us. We then carry out an inspection to determine the necessary repairs. Our inspections take into account both technical and economic factors. If these repairs are invoiced, you will receive a cost estimate in advance.

You can also purchase some spare parts, such as internal ratchet parts, from our Spare Parts Shop.
Various repairs then require recalibration. This means we don't offer all spare parts for free sale.

Frequently asked questions

Torque tools

All our mechanical torque wrenches are calibrated for clockwise tightening (right-hand thread).

However, you can use our torque wrenches with square drive (9x12 or 14x18 mm) to operate a left-hand thread. Simply turn the insert tool 180° and insert it into the tool holder.

Our recommendation for the test/calibration interval is based on the DIN EN ISO 6789:2017 standard for torque wrenches, which recommends recalibration after one year, after 5000 loads or after every overload. The inspection intervals must be shortened in case of increased quality and safety requirements or intensive use. The calibration interval is specified by the user, as he is responsible and knows the use of the test specimen.

The torque wrench is a measuring instrument that should not be misused. Other tools such as the HAZET 6396 or 6397 tool holders or an impact wrench are better suited for loosening.

HAZET only tests, adjusts, repairs and certifies torque wrenches that they manufacture.

Training offers

In addition to familiarity with DIN EN ISO 6789, the adjustment, calibration and repair of torque wrenches also requires more detailed knowledge of the structure and function of the torque wrenches. The training offered in our modern training centre "HAZET Welt" gives you the opportunity to gain this knowledge.

If required, simply ask us for the next dates.

Description of icons

Take note of all information

Rotation angle

Use as a lever/clamping tool is not permitted

Avoid changes to the force application point

Observe the correct shape and size of the socket

Reaching the set value can be heard and felt, can be perceived visually (with signal head)

Read operating instructions before use

Scale graduation

Use as an impact tool is not permitted

Do not modify tools

Recommended working / storage temperature: -10° C to +40° C

Dispose of the tool in accordance with the relevant regulations for work safety and environmental protection

For use by professionals only

Actuating force

No liquids, aggressive substances

Steady and smooth operation

Do not operate the torque wrench jerkily

Designed solely for tightening screw joints

Handle calibrated hand tools with care

Unlocking the insert square

No hinge connections or extensions

Apply at right angles to the screw connection

Take care to maintain a safe, balanced position when working

System-specific notes


SYSTEM 5000-3CTUnlock (1)
Turn the safety lock to the left ←

SYSTEM 5000CLT ∙ 6000 ∙ 6000CT – Unlock (1):
Turn the safety lock to the right

SYSTEM 5000CT ∙ 5000-2CT – Unlock (1):
Turn the safety lock to the right

SYSTEM 6000CT (6130 – 6296-1CT) – Unlock (1):
Turn the safety lock to the right


SYSTEM 5000CT ∙ 5000-2CT – Set (2):
Set the desired torque by turning the handle.

SYSTEM 5000CLT ∙ 6000 ∙ 6000CT (6106-1CT – 6282-1CT) – Set (2):
Slide the handle forwards and turn the handle in this position until the desired value is reached

SYSTEM 6000CT (6130 - 6296-1CT) – Set (2):
Set the desired torque by turning the handle


SYSTEM 5000-3CTFix (3):
Turn the safety lock to the right

SYSTEM 5000CT ∙ 5100-2CT – Fix (3):
Turn the safety lock to the left

SYSTEM 5000CLT ∙ 6000 ∙ 6000CT (6106-1CT – 6282-1CT) – Fix (3):
The fixation is released automatically when you let to of the handle.
Secure by turning the safety lock to the left ←.

SYSTEM 6000CT (6130 – 6296-1CT) – Fix (3):
Turn the safety lock to the right

Direction of actuation

SYSTEM 5000CTDirection of actuation:
Select the direction of actuation by changing the square drive

SYSTEM 5000-2CT ∙ 5000CLT ∙ 6000 ∙ 6000CT (6106-1CT – 6282-1CT) – Direction of actuation:
Select the direction of actuation by adjusting the shift lever