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Our aviation tools fulfil the highest safety and quality standards. So you can take off safely! For precise bolting work and absolute safety in aviation.

HAZET – Partner in aviation

Aviation is all about safety and precision. During maintenance, the highest quality standards are placed on the tools used. Our products fulfil precisely these requirements of the aviation industry! We focus on quality, materials and technology that meet the strict regulations and certifications of the aviation industry. Our products are designed to achieve precise and optimum fastening results. We know that every move counts and that precision is not an option, but a necessity. Our tools, such as our torque wrenches, are calibrated and designed for maximum accuracy. This allows you to carry out each work step with the greatest possible safety. Whether it's routine maintenance, repair or a demanding overhaul – with our tools you are ideally equipped to meet the challenges of aviation and the highest safety regulations.

Latest products for aviation

Always up to date – We're constantly developing our product portfolio. So that we can support you in your work and your projects in the best possible way. And to make your decision even easier, we regularly have attractive promotions for you. Do you already know these current highlights from our range?

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