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Our HAZET commercial vehicle programme combines the expertise of real experts with the knowledge of experienced tool specialists to develop tools with strength, durability and precision for a wide range of applications in the automotive sector.

Commercial vehicles – outstanding solutions

What makes our HAZET commercial vehicle programme so special? Quite simply, it's the influence of real experts: you! And when paired with the expertise of an experienced tool specialist, the result is a perfect tool! Because this symbiosis ensures that our tool can – and must – constantly evolve!

By experts, for experts.

Because it's the combination of strength, durability and precision that makes our tools so special.

As passionate experts in the automotive sector, we know that the commercial vehicle market is a world of its own. With our in-depth expertise and comprehensive understanding of the industry, we also provide a wide range of problem solvers for a wide variety of applications and screw-joint cases with our extensive product programme.

No matter where: as a commercial vehicle for local and long-distance transport, in agriculture and forestry or in the construction machinery sector. Our tools are designed to withstand even the toughest demands at all times. From special pin wrenches to impact wrenches with a loosening torque of up to 4200 Nm that can withstand even the most stubborn screw connections. At HAZET you will find everything you need to keep your commercial vehicles in a safe condition at all times. Because good tools are a matter of trust.

Latest products for the commercial vehicle industry

Always up to date – We're constantly developing our product portfolio. So that we can support you in your work and your projects in the best possible way. And to make your decision even easier, we regularly have attractive promotions for you. Do you already know these current highlights from our range?

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