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General safety information

General safety information

Your safety is important to us. To ensure this, the following safety precautions are essential.
The basic rule is: the tool must be suitable for the area of application and the activity. Take a close look at the operating instructions to understand how to use the tool or tool trolley correctly. Keep your tools clean to avoid functional restrictions. Very important: when working on electrical systems, only use insulated VDE tools!

Our safety precautions at a glance.


Read operating instructions before use

Only use suitable specialty tools to extend the lever arm

Never use a screwdriver as a pry bar or chisel

An optimal frictional connection guarantees a long service life of tools and screws

Wear safety glasses

Do not hit hand tools with a hammer

Select screwdriver with an appropriate blade. Always be sure that the screwdriver blade is vertical to the screw

Do not modify tools

Dispose of worn-out tools properly

Use hearing protection

Avoid splintering due to incorrect striking

Measuring units serve to select the right-sized tools

Hand-operated tools are not suitable for use with impact wrenches

Special notes for our tool trolleys

Never open more than one drawer at a time (danger of tipping over)

Never use drawers as a ladder

Never pull tool trolleys