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Construction of new workshops and 100 years of HAZET

A new forge building is erected in Güldenwerth. In the border triangle of Germany, Holland and Belgium, a 38,000 square metre industrial property is acquired in a convenient location in Heinsberg (NRW). The main focus at this plant is to provide initial equipment for the automobile and machine construction industries.

HAZET celebrates its 100th anniversary in 1968. At this time, 617 people work at HAZET, including 142 female employees.

One year later, the second expansion stage of the Heinsberg branch plant is completed and the production area is increased by 50%. This measure makes it possible to carry out necessary production expansions in order to relieve the main Remscheid plant. This is followed by the addition of the Remscheid-Westhausen plant.
In 1973, the Heinsberg plant is also expanded with a new forging hall.


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