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Plant 3 – Remscheid

HAZET Plant 3 in Remscheid: The birthplace of all workshop helpers on wheels

Plant 3 is not just another of the company's production sites; it is also the birthplace of a product that has characterised workshops around the world. Anyone who sees a tool trolley in a workshop or other production facility today is looking back on an idea that has its roots in HAZET, among others. Inspired by serving trolleys from restaurants, HAZET revolutionised the workplace for tradesmen with the invention of the first extendible tool trolley 166N.

Over the years, HAZET has steadily expanded its portfolio – with every tool trolley and workbench under the "Assistent" brand name impressing with its outstanding quality, robust construction and the pride of its "Made in Germany" production. The company's innovative spirit is characterised by continuous development and adaptation to the needs of its customers. The market is currently demanding ever wider and deeper tool trolleys, which HAZET fulfils, for example, with its flagship, the Assistant 179NXXL-8D and a 616-piece range.

Production in Plant 3 reflects a high technological standard. State-of-the-art machinery, such as the laser cutting system and punching and bending centres, are used to precisely manufacture the wide range of product variants. Fully automatic welding robots are used– especially for large production quantities. These weld individual parts such as rear and side walls into stable, resilient units that set standards in terms of robustness.

However, the technological finesse of production at Plant 3 is also evident in the final finishing process. All RAL colours can be efficiently applied to the products in a state-of-the-art powder coating centre, even for small batch sizes. Even with the shortest changeover times, coating is virtually waste-free – thereby protecting the environment.

Once the products have been given their durable and resistant coating, each tool trolley is carefully assembled by hand. The result is not only functional work equipment, but genuine HAZET quality products, ready to provide reliable service in workshops around the world and to transport the valuable HAZET tools inside safely and flexibly at all times.


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