What specialist dealers are there near me?
CONTACT -> Specialist dealer search

Why are no prices given on the HAZET website?
HAZET distributes goods exclusively via specialist dealers. The pricing is exclusively a concern for the respective dealer.
CONTACT -> Specialist dealer search

Does HAZET have a factory outlet?
No, HAZET distributes goods exclusively via specialist dealers

Can I purchase HAZET tools for a good price second hand or with minor damage?
No, there are no second hand goods in circulation

Are there any HAZET pins? Where are these available from?
Yes, HAZET pins are available in the HAZET Fan Shop and can be ordered online

How long is the warranty on HAZET tools?
See under Service → Service Centre → Warranty

In what cases are HAZET tools replaced for free?
See warranty policy

In what cases can no replacement be provided?
When changing the original condition, overloading as well as improper use (see warranty policy)

Are there spare parts for HAZET tools?
Yes, all common spare and individual parts can be found in the HAZET spare parts shop. Wear parts are listed directly with the article and can be ordered via the spare parts shop

If I cannot find a tool I'm looking for in the catalogue: is a special production possible?
HAZET also produces tools according to customer specifications. A request is to be sent to HAZET for this: Sales department, email inland.handel [at] hazet.de

Does HAZET have special offers?
Yes, e.g. the special worldwide brochure offers. Please ask your specialist dealer for promotion prices

Where can I find the new tools?
Simply request the special offer and innovation brochure or SWW or have a look in the online catalogue

I'm looking for a motor vehicle specialty tool. Where and how can I find it?
Products > Online catalogue > Speciality tools or telephone +49 (0) 21 91 / 7 92-333. If you have a specific application, use our online tool finder

I have a technical query. Who do I contact?
Technical specialist advice telephone +49 (0) 21 91 / 792-333, email anwendungstechnik [at] hazet.de

What repairs does HAZET carry out?
Repairs are carried out on valuable products (e.g. impact wrenches), tool trolleys and torque wrenches. We also offer a comprehensive inspection equipment monitoring service for the HAZET torque wrenches. Information about this: Service Centre Torque Technology Adjustment and Calibration

What is the quickest way I can repair my reversible ratchet?
Order and simply replace the appropriate replacement set in the HAZET spare parts shop yourself

Is the HAZET tool trolley also available in other colours?
Yes. Please request from HAZET (common RAL colours, even for low quantities)

How often should a torque wrench be inspected?
There is no fundamental specification for this. This particularly depends on the type and frequency of use - assembly of toy dolls or jet engines?
We as a manufacturer recommend: inspection 1 - 2 times a year, for intensive use after approx. 5000 screw tightening processes

Where can I get my HAZET torque wrench inspected?
At many specialist dealers or at HAZET directly in the Service Centre: Please send freely to: HAZET-WERK, Customer service department, Güldenwerther Bahnhofstr. 25-29, 42857 Remscheid. We also offer a comprehensive inspection equipment monitoring service: DMS Service Centre Torque Technology Adjustment and Calibration

Where can I get my torque wrench certified?
At a few specialised institutes (e.g. TÜV and DEKRA), trained specialist dealers and at HAZET directly in the HAZET Service Centre. We offer a comprehensive inspection equipment monitoring service for the HAZET torque wrenches. Service Centre Torque Technology Adjustment and Calibration

Does HAZET also inspect torque wrenches from other manufacturers?
HAZET only tests, adjusts, repairs and certifies torque wrenches that they manufacture

I'm looking for a spare part that cannot be found in the HAZET documents.
Please contact the HAZET Service Centre directly. We can very often help

How do I attain the original HAZET colour? (e.g. for preparing a tool trolley)
The HAZET-blue RAL 660-2 effect (see). The paint can be ordered from HAZET in 0.5 kg cans

Where does the name HAZET come from?
HAZET was established in 1868 by Mr Hermann Zerver. The name originated from his written out initials "HA" and "ZET" (in German)

How are the HAZET colours defined?
See media library → CI specifications and logos

Where can I get the HAZET logo or printable images?
In the HAZET media centre, we offer the logo and all product images in all common file and image formats for downloading. Access only for accredited people/companies

May we (trade fair stand construction company) build a trade fair stand for you?
HAZET has its own trade fair stand construction team with which we can flexibly respond to the requirements of our customers

We are an efficient printing company or advertising agency. May we work for you?
HAZET attaches great importance to supplier loyalty. We have been working with some of our partners for decades and we see no reason why this should change

Does HAZET use database publishing / a PIM system / a MAM system?
Since 1996 , HAZET has been managing its product information in a media-neutral database with which the contents of the online catalogue, the printed tool catalogue and B2B platforms are filled

I am a specialist dealer and need a BMEcat export to fill my online catalogue - who can I contact?
Please contact marketing [at] hazet.de
We offer our data exports in the following languages: CZ · DE · EN · ES · FR · IT · NL · PL · PT · RO · RU
We provide the following data formats via our HAZET Cloud Platform (fully automated in monthly intervals): BMEcat and Excel (each with and without xHTML control characters) in HAZET catalogue structure
In addition, we would also be pleased to configure your data export to eCl@ss 8.0 or ProfiCl@ss 5.1