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Hazet logo

Our Corporate Design

The binding guidelines of the HAZET Corporate Design (CD), the consistent image of HAZET in public, are the initial basis of all creative commercial activities.

The essential points of the HAZET CD are described in the following:

Colours and logos

The HAZET logos are available for downloading in the HAZET Media Centre.

The HAZET corporate colours are:
dark blue/yellow (HAZET logo) · light blue (e.g. perforated tool panels, packages, processes) · black

General guidelines

  • The HAZET or HAZET-WERK lettering must always be written in capitals (uppercase). In conjunction with the HAZET logo, the HAZET-WERK lettering appears in an outline.
  • HELVETICA or ARIAL must be used as a sans-serif font.
  • The logo should always be dark blue / yellow where possible. Exceptions include a black / white variant or outlines. The HAZET logo should always be in the upper right corner where possible. It can also be positioned centrally in exceptional cases. If the HAZET logo is placed on a coloured background, the contours of the logo must be provided with a white outline.
  • The "Registered Trademark" symbol ® must be legible. In other words, a bright (white/yellow/silver) ® is used in front of dark backgrounds and a dark blue ® is used in front of bright backgrounds