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Serial winner – HAZET wins Best Brand category tools in MOTORRAD magazine for the 18th time

For the 18th time in a row, the readers of the MOTORRAD magazine have chosen HAZET as the best tool brand, putting us in top position with an almost 25% lead over the competition.
MOTORRAD magazine has been conducting a reader vote every year since 2006, in which those questioned must decide for 22 different categories which brands and their products they find the most impressive.

50,096 notarised readers took part in this year's vote. Well over half of these participants helped the products made by the Remscheid-based manufacturer of quality tools and workshop equipment to win the best brand "Tool" category.

"We are so happy that our high-quality products and our innovative tool developments have once again been so appreciated by our target group. Defending the title of first place in this readers' vote once again - we see this as a challenge and as motivation. In the future, our aim is also to develop tools which meet the requirements of our customers and lead to the best possible results. We are also very interested in continuing to build our strength in the motorcycle industry. We are delighted to be at the top spot once again", declared Michael Paetsch, Product Manager for motorcycles among other things, after receiving the certificate at this year's awards ceremony in Stuttgart on 20 March 2023.

About HAZET:

The Remscheid-based company HAZET is a leading manufacturer of premium quality hand tools, tool trolleys and equipment for professional applications. As an owner-managed German family business, HAZET has 155 years of experience spanning 5 generations in developing and producing standard and speciality tools for industry, trade, automotive engineering and aeronautics as well as for use in the field of renewable energies. The company boasts a huge manufacturing range of over 5,500 different tools as specialty tools for most major car manufacturers as well as torque tools and tool trolleys under the “Assistent” brand. An exceptionally high proportion of HAZET products, about 75% of the entire product portfolio, are “Made in Germany”. HAZET employs approximately 600 staff in four plants (three in Remscheid and one in Heinsberg).

In recognition of its constant innovation, good marketing concepts and impressive inventive talent, numerous products from the company have received the "iF Design Award" and "Red Dot Design Award" among others, while HAZET has been singled out as best brand and top employer as an enterprise.
You can find a brief overview of our successes over the last decade at:


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