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Plant 1, Remscheid

HAZET Plant 1 in Remscheid-Güldenwerth: The perfect symbiosis of man and machine

The heart of HAZET pulsates in Remscheid-Güldenwerth. Plant 1 is not only home to the company's headquarters, but is also where the majority of HAZET's "Made in Germany" quality tools are produced. It is an outstanding example of German manufacturing quality and technological progress. Here, traditional blacksmithing is combined with state-of-the-art production technology.

When you enter the production area, you immediately notice the impressive presence of the three large forging hammers. The force of the blows from the hammers weighing tonnes can also be physically felt here. It is no coincidence that many large tool manufacturers who started forging tools in Germany were founded in the Bergisches Land region. The robust rock floor withstands the hammer blows without any problems. On softer floors, the forging hammers would sink further and further.

With precision, great craftsmanship, experience and the power of forging hammers, our forging professionals shape the metal from which, for example, the high-quality combination wrenches from HAZET are made. Every hammer blow tells the story of tradition and precision, coupled with the craftsmanship that lies at the heart of HAZET. The forge is virtually the birthplace of all flat forged products in the HAZET product range.

But this traditional-looking forging process is only one of the first parts of the production process. In total, for example, there are 12 manufacturing steps to produce a combination wrench or 10 to produce the finished reversible ratchet. Just a few metres further on, a world of ultra-modern CNC-controlled production machines and so-called CoBots (collaborative robots) opens up. Here, the terms precision and speed are redefined. The production processes of each machine have been optimised and programmed down to the smallest detail. They symbolise HAZET's striving for perfection at the highest level in an impressive way.

Yet the special thing about production at Plant 1 is not just the impressive technology – but the harmonious integration of people into the respective production processes. While machines are taking on more and more difficult and precise tasks, it is the hands and eyes of skilled workers that give every tool the finishing touches. They refine the products, check their quality and ensure that every tool fulfils HAZET's promise of quality and reliability. Good tools are a matter of trust!

Plant 1 is not only where our tools are manufactured, but also where innovations and new products are designed in a modern design and development environment. Did you know that HAZET not only develops and produces its own hand tools, but also its own production tools, such as the so-called dies? The dies are the solid moulds required to manufacture our forged tools.

This means HAZET itself also produces the tools used to manufacture the hand tools. These in-house developments for production tools help us to optimise the production of our tools.

Conclusion: Plant 1 in Remscheid-Güldenwerth shows how man and machine work together perfectly. It is a place where tradition meets innovation and craftsmanship meets high-tech. It embodies the HAZET spirit and sets the standard for tool production in Germany in the 21st century.


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