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Plant 4 - Remscheid-Vieringhausen

HAZET Plant 4 in Remscheid-Vieringhausen: Fastening precision in perfection

At Plant 4, the pursuit of perfection manifests itself in every tool produced. The watchword here is: precision. Torque wrenches are not simply manufactured in this special production environment – they are developed, designed, refined down to the last detail, produced and meticulously tested there. It is no coincidence that HAZET is regarded as one of the innovative pioneers in this field thanks to its decades of experience in the field of torque wrenches.

The impressive number of millions of torque wrenches already produced illustrates the importance of these precision instruments for HAZET. However, it's not just about quantity, but above all about quality: every single torque wrench undergoes strict quality controls and its accuracy is checked and certified before it is delivered to the customer.

We're especially proud of the DAkkS calibration laboratory, also located in Plant 4. As one of only eleven such laboratories in Germany, it is also authorised to issue rotation angle calibration certificates. With this internal accreditation, HAZET ensures that the calibration in this particular case of the SYSTEM 7000sTAC electronic torque wrenches with built-in angle gauge always meets the highest technical standards and specifications.

All the details that make HAZET torque wrenches premium products are realised in Plant 4.

The torque scales to be set, the HAZET lettering, the HAZET article number and the "Made in Germany" lettering are neatly engraved into the metal using a precision laser.

One look at one of these wrenches and you immediately realise that this is no ordinary tool, but a precision measuring instrument – a symbol of the high quality that HAZET stands for. Production in Plant 4 is the beating heart of high-precision torque technology bolting excellence for the right torque at the right moment.


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