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Our demonstration van

Introducing the HAZET demonstration van. On board: over 1000 different tools – brought directly to your workshop or industrial plant.

The first HAZET demonstration van was purchased back in 1972. A 7.5 tonne Mercedes with a special body in which almost the entire HAZET range was on display. The vehicle had a leather seating area, washing facilities, 220 volt generator, air compressor, auxiliary heating and a radio.

Today, almost 20 vehicles are on the road worldwide – almost half of them in Germany. We want to give you the opportunity to try out all the tools in your familiar working environment. Many of the advantages we can explain in detail here involve our specialty tools. This benefits not only you, but also your specialist dealer. They can refresh existing knowledge and acquire new skills.

And it's that simple:

  1. Arrange an appointment with your HAZET consultant.
  2. The HAZET demonstration van will come to your workshop or industrial company with around 1000 tools.
  3. Assortment and offers: we present our current products and offers from our range.
  4. Test and order: you can test the tools and order them immediately from your specialist dealer.

We look forward to giving you a first-hand insight into the HAZET-WELT. On site. Straightforward.