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Hammer set


Product information


  • BluGuard machinist's hammer:
    Hammer head: 300 g, length: 300 mm, weight: 400 g
    Hammer head: 500 g, length: 320 mm, weight: 600 g
  • Plastic hammer, hammer head: ∅ 32 mm, length: 280 mm, weight: 325 g
  • Rubber hammer, hammer head: ∅ 54 x 90 mm, length: 320 mm, weight: 321 g

BluGuard: the new generation of HAZET hammers. More safety at work
BluGuard machinist’s hammer

  • Steel handle protection sleeve: extra safety from HAZET
  • Quality range A
  • Higher flexibility strength thanks to surrounding angled stabilising band
  • HAZET BluGuard steel handle protection sleeve guarantees maximum protection in the case of faults:
    • No deformations → just small scratches
    • Exact firm fit
  • Comparison with handle without steel handle protection sleeve:
    • Extremely noticeable handle damage
    • Shortened service life and high risk of handle breakage
  • Hickory handle with handle protection sleeve
  • DIN 1041

Plastic hammer

  • Replaceable heads made from impact-resistant cellulose acetate
  • Ash handle
  • Made in Germany



Technical Data

  • DIN 1041



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